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30. What!!??
Wed Sep 14, 2016, 11:20 PM
Sep 2016

NAFTA was ballyhooed to raise US exports, and turned into a race to the bottom...Class warfare on the US working class posing as geoplotical socio-economic engineering...which you are apparently OK with.

Unbelievable. What a jerkoff. Joined Sept 16th. Hmmmmm. Goddamn troll.

Made this my final post on DU. Was worth it.

Charming Sherman A1 Sep 2016 #1
If people can't move to where the jobs are, jobs will move to where the people are Xipe Totec Sep 2016 #2
My friend has his focus being made in Germany right now... snooper2 Sep 2016 #3
My 2008 and 2014 Ford Focus cars were both "assembled" in Michigan. Parts from LoisB Sep 2016 #4
when we bought our 2014 focus madokie Sep 2016 #9
new RS... nice ! Angel Martin Sep 2016 #7
Oh fuck you Trump titaniumsalute Sep 2016 #5
I can kinda understand the former presidents reasoning but I'm a little torn. Ken226 Sep 2016 #6
Our opinions of NAFTA differ greatly unc70 Sep 2016 #22
What!!?? Populist_Prole Sep 2016 #30
This has been in the works for over a year. Wellstone ruled Sep 2016 #8
Thanks for the facts. I don't want to abandon Ford. My Ranger's a great vehicle. byronius Sep 2016 #11
Planning on purchasing a new Ranger next fall. Wellstone ruled Sep 2016 #14
My current car is a Focus because I wanted to buy American. Next time I won't Yo_Mama Sep 2016 #10
Further down in the original article posted Ford states the bellow Kathy M Sep 2016 #12
The feds clearly made a mistake bailing them out. nt cstanleytech Sep 2016 #13
I don't think Ford was bailed out....? EX500rider Sep 2016 #15
No and Yes they received some money Kathy M Sep 2016 #16
They weren't BumRushDaShow Sep 2016 #18
Ford wasn't a recipient of the "bail-out". Plucketeer Sep 2016 #19
They weren't awoke_in_2003 Sep 2016 #20
So Trump will have the power to force companies to produce at a loss here at home? bucolic_frolic Sep 2016 #17
It you want to buy American, get Honda or Toyota cars. Kablooie Sep 2016 #21
Fuck that. There are plenty of GM cars still made in the USA. Chevy's, Cadillac's, etc. beaglelover Sep 2016 #27
My wife's GM car was built in Korea. Xithras Sep 2016 #32
Ford will never open another new factory in the U.S. Taitertots Sep 2016 #23
Ugh Lokilooney Sep 2016 #24
Looks like I'm staying with Chevy eilen Sep 2016 #25
Great! Fuck you Ford. Glad I drive a Cadillac made in Michigan! beaglelover Sep 2016 #26
Rats fleeing a sinking ship? Snellius Sep 2016 #28
Why not Flint? moondust Sep 2016 #29
Trump has a history of fucking the workers Skittles Sep 2016 #31
Trump owns Ford? Didn't know that GummyBearz Sep 2016 #35
They already have quality control issues tawadi Sep 2016 #33
Mainstream media are reporting that the Ford Focus and C-Max will leave Michigan Assembly in Wayne f Judi Lynn Sep 2016 #34
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