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Unless this is overturned which I doubt it will be the Dems are cstanleytech Dec 2016 #1
First, they'll need to get those voters to the DMV offices. Republicans close DMV offices KittyWampus Dec 2016 #25
Donald Trumps margin of victory over Hillary Clinton in the Great Lake State was 10,704 votes. Botany Dec 2016 #2
Not over the top PatSeg Dec 2016 #13
This was and still is a coup Botany Dec 2016 #14
I agree PatSeg Dec 2016 #17
Fascism is already here it simply hasn't taken charge yet Jake Stern Dec 2016 #19
How can we get IDs into people's hands? Could there be a donor funded push to get people Dream Girl Dec 2016 #3
I think that's the right attitude on this. Let's help people get photo IDs YOHABLO Dec 2016 #6
I would donate from Oregon! Kittycow Dec 2016 #26
This is so infuriating they are rubbing our faces in it Dream Girl Dec 2016 #4
We need to push a national ID card. hollowdweller Dec 2016 #5
even simpler... Javaman Dec 2016 #7
That would need some safeguards, using SSN. Aimee in OKC Dec 2016 #12
true, but a lot of varification systems now, they only ask for your last for digits with your name. Javaman Dec 2016 #27
Voter ID laws are why Trump won Johnny2X2X Dec 2016 #8
Agree. ananda Dec 2016 #9
Let me get this straight. Efilroft Sul Dec 2016 #10
Jill Stein has collected over 7.3 million turbinetree Dec 2016 #11
what would be interesting to me, is how many ballots were provisional & not counted at all. Sunlei Dec 2016 #21
I don't see these laws getting repealed. However, we can do all we can to ensure that 33taw Dec 2016 #16
people don't need documentation to register. Most states? in USA it takes a birth certificate and ss Sunlei Dec 2016 #22
Most states do not have databases with digital fingerprints for all citizens. 33taw Dec 2016 #28
Michigan Nazis have been busy elmac Dec 2016 #18
You Know Afromania Dec 2016 #20
you're right & do like (R)ump did & give everyone in line for rally, preference/better seats Sunlei Dec 2016 #23
yup Afromania Dec 2016 #24
Post removed Post removed Dec 2016 #29
Obtaining an ID involves numerous barriers for disenfranchised people/communities. demmiblue Dec 2016 #30
Post removed Post removed Dec 2016 #32
Oh, we know that your side lies. And lies. And lies. And lies. n/t demmiblue Dec 2016 #33
Our job as Democrats idahoblue Dec 2016 #31
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