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31. Our job as Democrats
Thu Dec 8, 2016, 07:28 PM
Dec 2016

We must put together projects to help people get the approved ID, get them registered, double check registrations against purging, and get our voters to the polls.
We also need to have democratic candidates in every race, no more unapproved seats. There are positions all over the country that no one runs for, we need to fill those with democrats. It will require staff in every state and a full time, dedicated head of the DNC.
Allowing ourselves to be defeated when we have the numbers to win must stop now.

Unless this is overturned which I doubt it will be the Dems are cstanleytech Dec 2016 #1
First, they'll need to get those voters to the DMV offices. Republicans close DMV offices KittyWampus Dec 2016 #25
Donald Trumps margin of victory over Hillary Clinton in the Great Lake State was 10,704 votes. Botany Dec 2016 #2
Not over the top PatSeg Dec 2016 #13
This was and still is a coup Botany Dec 2016 #14
I agree PatSeg Dec 2016 #17
Fascism is already here it simply hasn't taken charge yet Jake Stern Dec 2016 #19
How can we get IDs into people's hands? Could there be a donor funded push to get people Dream Girl Dec 2016 #3
I think that's the right attitude on this. Let's help people get photo IDs YOHABLO Dec 2016 #6
I would donate from Oregon! Kittycow Dec 2016 #26
This is so infuriating they are rubbing our faces in it Dream Girl Dec 2016 #4
We need to push a national ID card. hollowdweller Dec 2016 #5
even simpler... Javaman Dec 2016 #7
That would need some safeguards, using SSN. Aimee in OKC Dec 2016 #12
true, but a lot of varification systems now, they only ask for your last for digits with your name. Javaman Dec 2016 #27
Voter ID laws are why Trump won Johnny2X2X Dec 2016 #8
Agree. ananda Dec 2016 #9
Let me get this straight. Efilroft Sul Dec 2016 #10
Jill Stein has collected over 7.3 million turbinetree Dec 2016 #11
what would be interesting to me, is how many ballots were provisional & not counted at all. Sunlei Dec 2016 #21
I don't see these laws getting repealed. However, we can do all we can to ensure that 33taw Dec 2016 #16
people don't need documentation to register. Most states? in USA it takes a birth certificate and ss Sunlei Dec 2016 #22
Most states do not have databases with digital fingerprints for all citizens. 33taw Dec 2016 #28
Michigan Nazis have been busy elmac Dec 2016 #18
You Know Afromania Dec 2016 #20
you're right & do like (R)ump did & give everyone in line for rally, preference/better seats Sunlei Dec 2016 #23
yup Afromania Dec 2016 #24
Post removed Post removed Dec 2016 #29
Obtaining an ID involves numerous barriers for disenfranchised people/communities. demmiblue Dec 2016 #30
Post removed Post removed Dec 2016 #32
Oh, we know that your side lies. And lies. And lies. And lies. n/t demmiblue Dec 2016 #33
Our job as Democrats idahoblue Dec 2016 #31
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