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Fri Dec 16, 2016, 01:16 AM Dec 2016

G.O.P. Plans to Replace Health Care Law With Universal Access [View all]

Source: MSN/NY Times

WASHINGTON House Republicans, responding to criticism that repealing the Affordable Care Act would leave millions without health insurance, said on Thursday that their goal in replacing President Obamas health law was to guarantee universal access to health care and coverage, not necessarily to ensure that everyone actually has insurance.

In defending the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration, congressional Democrats and advocacy groups have focused on the 20 million people covered by the law, which has pushed the percentage of Americans without health insurance to record lows. The American Medical Association recently said that any new reform proposal should not cause individuals currently covered to become uninsured.

But House Republicans, preparing for a rapid legislative strike on the law next month, emphasize a different measure of success.

Our goal here is to make sure that everybody can buy coverage or find coverage if they choose to, a House leadership aide told journalists on the condition of anonymity at a health care briefing organized by Republican leaders.

Read more: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/gop-plans-to-replace-health-care-law-with-%e2%80%98universal-access%e2%80%99/ar-AAlCyvr

Um, didn't we have "universal access" to health coverage before Obamacare in that if you had enough money, you could buy healthcare? Or, you could define "access" as being able to buy catastrophic coverage, which is cheap, but only offers coverage after you spend $10,000 out of pocket.
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Good. 'Universal Access means Medicare, right? elleng Dec 2016 #1
Nope, universal means anyone can buy healthcare...if they have enough money... TomCADem Dec 2016 #6
Exactly! We already have universal access. Reece2076 Dec 2016 #34
Good Meme! Let's get that: "Everyone has access to a Tiffany Diamond" out there. vanlassie Dec 2016 #55
No, it means everyone has access but probably won't be able to afford it. toddwv Dec 2016 #7
Nope. Basic libertarianism. The worthy survive, Hortensis Dec 2016 #32
Nope, it's back to GOPeeDon'tCare. lastlib Dec 2016 #35
Screw Medicare awoke_in_2003 Dec 2016 #54
Sorry about your difficulties. elleng Dec 2016 #56
I am glad it has worked well for you... awoke_in_2003 Dec 2016 #58
Sounds like she should be on Medicaid. justgamma Dec 2016 #57
You know what? You may be right... awoke_in_2003 Dec 2016 #59
These guys are deliberately trying to confuse the American people with their BS wordpix Dec 2016 #60
let's break it down with this quote in light of the USSA we are fast approaching wordpix Dec 2016 #61
That's what they want you to think. It means universal crappy insurance. Kablooie Dec 2016 #71
And a Rolls Royce in every driveway. HassleCat Dec 2016 #2
What? True Universal or what they said, that it will be available to find and buy? The Wielding Truth Dec 2016 #3
It means they want to allow interstate sales of coverage Merlot Dec 2016 #16
So, individual states couldn't require actual doctors to decide what is & isn't medically necessary. baldguy Dec 2016 #25
So does that mean greymattermom Dec 2016 #38
Nor can states regulate insurance companies to ensure policies are compliant with laws. haele Dec 2016 #53
so, the R health care plan is to return to the 1990's Wild West system wordpix Dec 2016 #64
"everybody can buy coverage or find coverage" ---is that for poor people, too? wordpix Dec 2016 #63
If you're rich Matthew28 Dec 2016 #4
Pardon my cursing, but universal access means fucking what? Something GOP Trumpers assholes Feeling the Bern Dec 2016 #5
Grand Oligarchy Party is $eizing control with Drumpty a$ their front man wordpix Dec 2016 #68
Universal Access means elmac Dec 2016 #8
LOL Fast Walker 52 Dec 2016 #51
This message was self-deleted by its author Grassy Knoll Dec 2016 #9
"everybody can buy coverage or find coverage" Where do you find coverage? The_Casual_Observer Dec 2016 #10
Universal access is a meaningless term meant to sound like it does something it doesn't do. Solly Mack Dec 2016 #11
That's about it, something to fool the ill-informed...they are just "evil". Deuce Dec 2016 #52
People already have "universal access." Anyone can buy any coverage if they have the money. SunSeeker Dec 2016 #12
I'm sure everyone will be able to find coverage. subterranean Dec 2016 #13
They can't help but lie. Lie and coverup. C Moon Dec 2016 #14
I am afraid "if you had enough money" must be said before about anything in Trumps world Backwoodsrider Dec 2016 #15
"If you have to ask, you can't afford it!!!" LongTomH Dec 2016 #43
Reminds me of the old quote about the Law, in its majestic equality, forbidding both the rich & poor Hekate Dec 2016 #17
Fuck Me! I have access to BMW Dealership.. busterbrown Dec 2016 #18
The Republican Party is the Ultimate Death Panel n/t LastLiberal in PalmSprings Dec 2016 #19
Can they EVER just be honest for one minute??? Crash2Parties Dec 2016 #20
No n/t moonscape Dec 2016 #21
not until they want to change but so far, that change is Don the Con wordpix Dec 2016 #65
How about single payer? still_one Dec 2016 #22
I already have "access," just like I have "access" to the planet Mars!! resistance2016 Dec 2016 #23
Every American has "universal access" to a 4 week luxury cruise in the Mediterranean, too DFW Dec 2016 #24
Universal Acce$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ bucolic_frolic Dec 2016 #26
we need to get this message out b/c the lyin stinkin R coup backed by Pooty wordpix Dec 2016 #66
IOW Proud Liberal Dem Dec 2016 #27
The Media will Let the GOP Get Away with the Phrase "Universal" Chasstev365 Dec 2016 #28
using the word "Universal" is just Repuglican double speak mdbl Dec 2016 #29
Con game Bear Creek Dec 2016 #40
Another play on words, like "No Child left Behind" or "Right to work" Baitball Blogger Dec 2016 #30
Why, that sounds doubleplusgood. tanyev Dec 2016 #31
"Universal Access" - see also: "Compassionate Conservatism", "Affirmative Access" hatrack Dec 2016 #33
Like everything they do, it'll be a Frankenstein of lies, punishment, and atrocities, NBachers Dec 2016 #36
Republican's Universal Access : mexit Dec 2016 #37
Exactly. And many are on the record saying just that. salin Dec 2016 #39
They think they're so savvy with the play on words: "access" well we had access to health insurance YOHABLO Dec 2016 #41
Universal Access means anybody can co to the Emergecy Room... Thor_MN Dec 2016 #42
What do you expect from a man who's gone bankrupt 4 times? briv1016 Dec 2016 #44
It's the usual 'tough love' bullshit.... Wounded Bear Dec 2016 #45
Lost your job 'cause you got sick? You should have thought twice before becoming ill.... xor Dec 2016 #49
My surgery, 12 rounds of chemo, tests, doc visits billed @ $3/4 million inflated med care dollars wordpix Dec 2016 #67
Wow, that is crazy insane how much they charge for that. xor Dec 2016 #74
Well, I guess it is universal access for the only lives that matter. ananda Dec 2016 #46
Just another GOP weasel: Sounds nice, but deadly. lindysalsagal Dec 2016 #47
yep-- great phrase, sounds so positive! Who wouldn't want "universal access"? Fast Walker 52 Dec 2016 #50
great meme: univer$al acce$$$$$$$ wordpix Dec 2016 #69
another GOP success at framing but failure at policy yurbud Dec 2016 #48
it plays like a movie: GOP, backed by insurance bullies, arrive in a Wild West town... wordpix Dec 2016 #72
My doctor tweeted about this. kskiska Dec 2016 #62
It's exactly what we had before but with a new spiffy name that will fool the fools. Kablooie Dec 2016 #70
so true. Trump cannot be wordpix Dec 2016 #73
Here's the thing DeminPennswoods Dec 2016 #75
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