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43. Wtf. Is Mitch McConnell losing his mind or what?!?!!!
Mon Jan 9, 2017, 01:50 AM
Jan 2017

Grow up?!?!! What is he...regressing into a neophyte legislator? Why the fuck is he talking like that? Quit hanging out with dumbasses like Donald. You lose IQ that way. When you confirmed 8 nominees for Obama, were they vetted? I bet they were. Nice try, though. No cigar for you.

FU oldtime dfl_er Jan 2017 #1
Proceed with self-fornication, Turtle-Face! lastlib Jan 2017 #25
Fornicate You Mitch McConnell 47of74 Jan 2017 #2
Him, and his narco in-laws. tenorly Jan 2017 #6
I have a counter proposal Mitch, how about the Dems show Trumps the same level of respect you cstanleytech Jan 2017 #3
this is coming from a man bdamomma Jan 2017 #23
Look, Turtle Boy, these aren't "just little procedural complaints." The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2017 #4
reminds me of this response saidsimplesimon Jan 2017 #5
that is oldtime dfl_er Jan 2017 #15
That's a very "If you're getting raped, lay back and enjoy it" attitude. Fuck You Mitch. TeamPooka Jan 2017 #7
Your medicine, Mitch.... Liberalagogo Jan 2017 #8
With what I gathered from Sunday morn shows (Joy), notdarkyet Jan 2017 #40
six ways from Sunday he should get annabanana Jan 2017 #9
Yeah, nothing should hold up nominations, the Muricans won't stand up for for it. Thor_MN Jan 2017 #10
Mitch McConnell needs to get kicked in the balls so hard that MurrayDelph Jan 2017 #11
I like this response oldtime dfl_er Jan 2017 #16
Is it 'fair' to 'win' a tainted election? bucolic_frolic Jan 2017 #12
Reminds me of how a turtle stuck his head in his shell turbinetree Jan 2017 #13
ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ffr Jan 2017 #14
Get out the rubber stamp, the pukes are running the show, so why are they worried about us? FreeStateDemocrat Jan 2017 #17
how about we all call bdamomma Jan 2017 #18
The last thing in the world Democrats need Blue Idaho Jan 2017 #19
Who the fuck does McCokehead think we are? Republicans? Rex Jan 2017 #20
The same way Mitch put Justice Garland on the fast track for approval. nt. andym Jan 2017 #21
a bedtime story for you, Mitch Grey Lemercier Jan 2017 #22
+1 AgadorSparticus Jan 2017 #50
Let's play a game, Mitch. roamer65 Jan 2017 #24
Democrats need to grow up? tecelote Jan 2017 #26
It would be convenient to just issue a flippant obscenity, but this calls for more than that jmowreader Jan 2017 #27
His wife is well acquainted jehop61 Jan 2017 #31
My dad was a surveyor, which doesn't mean I know how to run a transit jmowreader Jan 2017 #33
No Mitch, Republicans need to grow the fuck up and stop playing games. smirkymonkey Jan 2017 #28
Some of the worst 100 days in American History bucolic_frolic Jan 2017 #29
Be careful your offspring don't grow up speaking Russian tavernier Jan 2017 #30
"Grow up"? You first, Turtle Face DinahMoeHum Jan 2017 #32
MCConnell... coco22 Jan 2017 #34
These nominees have not filled out their paperwork Gothmog Jan 2017 #35
Spit take.... ehrnst Jan 2017 #36
The Rush to Judgment indicates they are terrified of the resistance and the hacking aftermath bucolic_frolic Jan 2017 #37
Projecting much, Mitch? (n/t) Retrograde Jan 2017 #38
Sure, just as long as Merrick Garland is confirmed first. eom tarheelsunc Jan 2017 #39
Mitch needs to go shit in his hat, too. I'll be here waiting. davsand Jan 2017 #41
Live by the sword, die by the sword you traitor supporting idiot. NNadir Jan 2017 #42
Wtf. Is Mitch McConnell losing his mind or what?!?!!! AgadorSparticus Jan 2017 #43
Mitch McConnells wife is one of the 'trump picks'? Ds better question her connections in russia. Sunlei Jan 2017 #47
Yes! I bet he and a few others are eyeball deep in this Russian mess. AgadorSparticus Jan 2017 #49
Payback for keeping Garland off the Supreme Court? Retrograde Jan 2017 #52
Translation: yuiyoshida Jan 2017 #44
In 2009 McConnell demanded Obamas nominees complete everything first & they did. There is a letter. Sunlei Jan 2017 #45
Heres copy of the 2009 demand letter from McConnell. Sunlei Jan 2017 #46
Hope Dem's work as hard to nominate Trump's picks as the GOP worked harun Jan 2017 #48
Schumer should get on 1st thing this morning brutus smith Jan 2017 #51
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