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George II

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Fri Aug 4, 2017, 07:55 AM Aug 2017

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Drops F-Bomb During Live CNN Segment [View all]

Source: Mediaite.com

In an interview on CNN this morning, former Mexican President Vicente Fox ended up dropping an F-bomb while speaking to CNN host Alisyn Camerota, much to the consternation of the anchor.

Discussing the recently leaked transcript of President Donald Trump’s January phone call with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and their conversation about the Mexican border wall, Fox repeated a phrase he had stated numerous times in the past.

“Well, you can use my words — we’ll never pay for that fucking wall,” he stated.

As Fox continued to talk, seemingly oblivious to the naughty word he had just spouted on live TV, the look on Camerota’s face was priceless. She would then note that she probably should have taken the advice to have a five-second delay for this interview while apologizing to the audience.

Read more: https://www.mediaite.com/online/former-mexican-president-vicente-fox-drop-f-bomb-live-on-air/

Video on Mediaite.
I saw that. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2017 #1
PRICELESS. Here it is. She almost busts out laughing, seems to me. L. Coyote Aug 2017 #6
She did. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2017 #8
Reminds me of the FCC storyline from Studio 60: Saviolo Aug 2017 #23
What's amazing is he puts Mexico first and these Gingersnap etc. insult him for it. Justice Aug 2017 #19
Plus, clueless that he is the past president. L. Coyote Aug 2017 #20
good for him! Maybe that will get the dummy's attention rurallib Aug 2017 #2
He's saying what we all feel! Squinch Aug 2017 #3
Ain't THAT the truth. eom SusanaMontana41 Aug 2017 #27
I hope so! Flaleftist Aug 2017 #4
Wait... Trump told him not to say that!! Chakaconcarne Aug 2017 #5
The outright audacity and insanity of suggesting Mexico pay for OUR wall... yallerdawg Aug 2017 #7
He's got a great sense of humor - here is a video he did about a month ago: George II Aug 2017 #9
!! handmade34 Aug 2017 #22
Holy shit! That was focking awesome! SunSeeker Aug 2017 #36
Why?????? mgardener Aug 2017 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author Pacifist Patriot Aug 2017 #12
Besides on the campaign... LakeArenal Aug 2017 #13
And we know what was said anyway Bradical79 Aug 2017 #14
Don't swear, but it's ok to show someone getting horrifically murdered. Oneironaut Aug 2017 #16
I'll help, Mr Trump- Mexicos Leaders & their people have said a million times-"NOT PAYING FOR WALL" Sunlei Aug 2017 #11
The Fox News viewers are probably clutching their pearls and falling into their fainting couches. Oneironaut Aug 2017 #15
He said foking wall, FCC. mobeau69 Aug 2017 #17
Focking wall, right? As in the movie Meet the Fockers. SunSeeker Aug 2017 #35
That's it, focking wall. Thanks for the spelling help! mobeau69 Aug 2017 #38
Vincente Fox was the originator of the hash tag NastyRiffraff Aug 2017 #18
Complain to the FCC. Make faux pay the maximum fine. truthisfreedom Aug 2017 #21
FCC doesn't regulate CNN. mwooldri Aug 2017 #39
Oh, yes. Her first reaction was to bite her cheeks so she didn't bust out laughing. Grammy23 Aug 2017 #24
Mr. Fox spells it, eShirl Aug 2017 #25
Once you have elected the pussy-grabber to be your leader, 6000eliot Aug 2017 #26
Hey, Alisyn Camerota! PJMcK Aug 2017 #28
I'd much rather have him as our president! Initech Aug 2017 #29
Last year I saw a piece wherein he said the same, but maybe it was not shown live at that time. n/t John1956PA Aug 2017 #30
He's put together a few videos that are on youtube. See post #9 for his "fucken wall" video. George II Aug 2017 #31
Thanks! I enjoy his emphatic delivery of that line. (This is my 1,000th post!) n/t John1956PA Aug 2017 #32
You'd better quit posting so often!!! blaze Aug 2017 #34
Vicente Fox has excellent... 3catwoman3 Aug 2017 #33
Oh, I WISH I had cable when this stuff happens! raven mad Aug 2017 #37
Love Vicente Fox. Hieronymus Aug 2017 #40
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