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22. 1 state seat flipped
Wed Feb 21, 2018, 12:45 PM
Feb 2018

It was 1 state seat flipped from red to blue. Formerly occupied by a real nutjob:



That first link takes you to a novel's worth of investigative reporting that did him in. Hollyweird couldn't match such a story.

The attempt to arm teachers or install armed guards in schools seems to be the latest push by the NRA -- 'more guns will solve everything'. It's insane. The answer to objectionable speech may be more speech, but the answer to too many military weapons in civilian hands is not more weapons.

This is a rural area, near wilderness, so nearly every home has multiple hunting guns (rifles and shotguns). That actually comforts. It is rare and noticeable when a semi-automatic weapon is discharged.

My son teaches in "middle school". Hopefully, those kids don't have access to AR-15s and haven't yet been subjected to enough bullying, disaffection, and alt-nut indoctrination to decide to play the role of lone destroyer.

Of course many many more kids will die before this FILTH is removed from office all over Eliot Rosewater Feb 2018 #1
What could possibly go wrong? Honeycombe8 Feb 2018 #2
No words for continued corruption & madness. Many said this wouldn't happen. appalachiablue Feb 2018 #3
Incredibly stupid Bayard Feb 2018 #4
What if........................ guillaumeb Feb 2018 #5
What if teacher is trigger happy and shoots another teacher or student they thought a threat ? lunasun Feb 2018 #8
Another example to show how idiotic this idea is. eom guillaumeb Feb 2018 #23
What if the killer shoots the teacher first? subterranean Feb 2018 #13
That is not part of the scenario. guillaumeb Feb 2018 #24
Before any What-ifs- Has a teacher EVER been the perp?? Save it for another site. mpcamb Feb 2018 #17
Seems irrational to discount potential outcomes. LanternWaste Feb 2018 #21
FUCK Republican state Sen. Steve West ... pangaia Feb 2018 #6
Calm? Chellee Feb 2018 #7
I guess Senator West has plans for the teachers PJMcK Feb 2018 #9
they are not getting it Skittles Feb 2018 #10
So will the teachers be armed with AR-15's? YOHABLO Feb 2018 #11
my insane kentucky home Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2018 #12
Didn't I just read that the Kentucky Cha Feb 2018 #18
1 state seat flipped Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2018 #22
🌊🌊🌊 #FlipItBlue #BlueWave2018 riversedge Feb 2018 #14
Thinking back to their school days, heckles65 Feb 2018 #15
"A well regulated militia" Mike Niendorff Feb 2018 #16
More bullets flying won't "calm the situation"! nt tblue37 Feb 2018 #19
Native Kentuckian here negoldie Feb 2018 #20
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