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45. The college I graduated from required a 1000 total SAT score. Mine was 850
Sat Apr 21, 2018, 04:10 PM
Apr 2018

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But I got credit for graduating in the top fifth of an academically reknowned high school. I graduated from the college with a B average.

I was once asked if it was "fair" that I had "taken" a spot from a student with a higher SAT score. I replied, "It must have been, since the students who got in with higher SAT scores but ended up graduating BEHIND me got to stay!"


To think someone like that was on the Texas State Board of Education... CatMor Apr 2018 #1
Texas Board is full of racists and whites sad for their lost white privilege. Harvard beyond any Fred Sanders Apr 2018 #7
Too true. But ascribing this to racism alone would Hortensis Apr 2018 #36
Concur! ..Remembering an old Star Trek episode laserhaas Apr 2018 #46
Star Trek brought up a lot of social issues. Cold War Spook Apr 2018 #48
:) A study examined to see if SIZE of group generated bias. Hortensis Apr 2018 #49
think texas Larrybanal Apr 2018 #15
There was a racist idiot on my city school board.... CatMor Apr 2018 #27
People (meaning Democrats) have not realized how important schools boards are. Lonestarblue Apr 2018 #17
The Texas State BoE has a terrifying amount of power Cal Carpenter Apr 2018 #40
forget this punk Clayton. Who's secretary of education now? onetexan Apr 2018 #42
So very true CatMor Apr 2018 #43
this texan is a typical ameriKKKKan, these days heaven05 Apr 2018 #2
We should ask sharedvalues Apr 2018 #25
yeah heaven05 Apr 2018 #38
Propaganda works. Heres Cambridge A comparing Trump to Hitler propaganda sharedvalues Apr 2018 #41
hate, racism, bigotry heaven05 Apr 2018 #58
Yup. Its the GOPs fault. And GOP billionaire donors are the modern GOP sharedvalues Apr 2018 #69
I want to see the entire educational history mountain grammy Apr 2018 #3
Bingo! pandr32 Apr 2018 #23
This. CrispyQ Apr 2018 #34
another response could have been wobblie Apr 2018 #4
Send it to him! 😂 Lucky Luciano Apr 2018 #10
Or other response: Fox lies to you about affirmative action sharedvalues Apr 2018 #21
I would have answered, quota. padfun Apr 2018 #5
Funny how no one ever asks: "were you admitted on legacy or merit?" mainer Apr 2018 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author sfwriter Apr 2018 #8
+1 dalton99a Apr 2018 #11
Fox tells him its minorities fault sharedvalues Apr 2018 #20
Exactly. Kurt V. Apr 2018 #28
"I got into Trump University on MERIT! That's why I got them extra Trump steaks & ties for yurbud Apr 2018 #62
Why do racists feel compelled to OldHippieChick Apr 2018 #9
It's called the tRump effect padah513 Apr 2018 #13
Seriously, do Trumpians OldHippieChick Apr 2018 #14
Kick and recommend for visibility. bronxiteforever Apr 2018 #12
White male... mbusby Apr 2018 #16
Theyre the GOP base. GOP media intentionally inflames their racism sharedvalues Apr 2018 #19
And the GOP backs and amplifies racism like this sharedvalues Apr 2018 #18
No one asks these questions of whites IronLionZion Apr 2018 #22
Incredibly, the Dallas Observer considers him a moderate. BobTheSubgenius Apr 2018 #24
Would you ask this question of a white person Clayton..."Were you admited on merit or on who Ferrets are Cool Apr 2018 #26
Why are the Hill's headlines, referring to the former SBOE jerk as "Texas student"? LeftInTX Apr 2018 #29
What the fuck is this guy cruising random teens' Twitter accounts for? DRoseDARs Apr 2018 #30
Good old George has sent tweets like this before. irisblue Apr 2018 #31
kid should have challenged the racist to a jeopardy style contest rurallib Apr 2018 #32
OMG! PatrickforO Apr 2018 #33
The student is not from Texas oberliner Apr 2018 #35
He revealed two things with that tweet: his stupidity and his racism. marble falls Apr 2018 #37
Mr. Former State Office, you are irrelevant and I do not need to reply. I'm brighter than your kids. TheBlackAdder Apr 2018 #39
What a typical Republican. Dishonest, in saying "Congrats", when he didn't mean it at ALL. Judi Lynn Apr 2018 #44
The college I graduated from required a 1000 total SAT score. Mine was 850 rocktivity Apr 2018 #45
Nice laserhaas Apr 2018 #47
Old friend of mine was a pres. of a BIG university.... Grins Apr 2018 #53
Yeah our kids high school really does the letters of recs right. MissB Apr 2018 #59
Page Flip Ukrainian Yankee Apr 2018 #50
How did trump Trump get where he is ? JI7 Apr 2018 #51
(My reply) "Mr. Clayton, would you have ever asked that question if I was white?" N/M Grins Apr 2018 #52
What an asshole. denbot Apr 2018 #54
GWB didn't get into Yale on "merit" TexasBushwhacker Apr 2018 #55
Hey Clayton! Were you on the school board because muntrv Apr 2018 #56
Lawd, Mr. Clayton is a crispy hot mess... Chitown Kev Apr 2018 #57
In seriousness MosheFeingold Apr 2018 #60
I'd imagine no member of the TX board of education ever asked that of a white student. LanternWaste Apr 2018 #61
The level of ignorance is incomprehensible harun Apr 2018 #63
if the kid got into Harvard any which way, he's smarter than most people yurbud Apr 2018 #64
All our service academies practice rigid geographic quotes yurbud Apr 2018 #65
Exactly! laserhaas Apr 2018 #66
Service Academy admission is by Congressional Appointment. Yes, there are relatively a 24601 Apr 2018 #67
I didn't say it was good or bad. Members of Congress will typically pick someone from their state yurbud Apr 2018 #68
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