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20. I do now, thanks.
Sun Nov 4, 2018, 12:51 AM
Nov 2018

If he looked out the window that field could NOT be ignored. Bravo!

The paper says we had about 80 people protesting but they are way off. There were four different groups around the airport as well as groups of people parked up and down frontage road. Parking was combined with trumpers and protesters. Being right on the corner of Frontage Rd and the parking turn off we could not be avoided and because of our placement we got a lot of heckling of one particular comment of "move to Venezuela".

I took a walk around the parking lots and there were so many cars from out of state. Idaho, Wyoming, both Dakotas, a Utah and a few others.

I also noticed that lots ( a couple hundred, give or take a dozen) trumpers left about the time he started speaking and that made absolutely no sense to wait in line for hours and then leave. I wonder if they were just paid to make the line look bigger than it was?

Well done and UpInArms Nov 2018 #1
Runway fu45 uppityperson Nov 2018 #2
It stands for "fine upstanding," I'm sure. mahatmakanejeeves Nov 2018 #3
Another one of those apkhgp Nov 2018 #14
Communication from Air Force One to Bozeman Tower..........parody............ turbinetree Nov 2018 #4
I like it! demosincebirth Nov 2018 #5
Wado------------Thank you turbinetree Nov 2018 #7
As a former air-traffic controller, Haggis for Breakfast Nov 2018 #9
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2018 #21
Wado------------Thank you....................this one of my favorite movies turbinetree Nov 2018 #23
Excellent florida08 Nov 2018 #13
Hey look we made it apkhgp Nov 2018 #15
A crop circle to believe. n/t OxQQme Nov 2018 #6
Montana, of all places. Well, I never.... That must've taken a lot of work! Honeycombe8 Nov 2018 #8
Well done! smirkymonkey Nov 2018 #10
Well mown ... creative Democratic Farmers !!!! libdem4life Nov 2018 #11
Better than the Nazca Lines! colorado_ufo Nov 2018 #12
May the Spaghetti Monster preserve these two, and protect their homes and loved ones! Judi Lynn Nov 2018 #16
Wow!! blue-wave Nov 2018 #17
K&R!!!!! burrowowl Nov 2018 #18
Go Montana. MontanaMama Nov 2018 #19
I do now, thanks. GemDigger Nov 2018 #20
Great commentary, glad to see it. No doubt you've nailed the reason the "trumpers" didn't stay! Judi Lynn Nov 2018 #22
Well played, fellers. Well played. DinahMoeHum Nov 2018 #24
Locking... DonViejo Nov 2018 #25
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