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Of course... Newest Reality Aug 2019 #1
The idiots don't appear to be dressing up the way they did last year...bummer Leghorn21 Aug 2019 #2
You have to work really hard to look that stupid. Lochloosa Aug 2019 #5
Looks like they're dressed up for Halloween! n/t RKP5637 Aug 2019 #6
Cosplay Much? BlueIdaho Aug 2019 #17
Looks like a costume party treestar Aug 2019 #21
You know what movies they wank to. Grokenstein Aug 2019 #40
They look like idiots. Not mention how un-American rockfordfile Aug 2019 #22
They are too thick to realize how preposterous they are. Judi Lynn Aug 2019 #34
They probably think they look good dressed like that MustLoveBeagles Aug 2019 #43
Get out of our lives, petty bitch-boy gossip. Grasswire2 Aug 2019 #3
Good description, it's exactly what he is. He needs a hobby, like doing his job. n/t Judi Lynn Aug 2019 #35
"antifa" isn't even an organization, unlike the Proud Boys etc. muriel_volestrangler Aug 2019 #4
I've never heard of an anti-fascist... SergeStorms Aug 2019 #15
And yet it's a pretty fair bet they DO wank. Grokenstein Aug 2019 #41
Hundreds of loser/incels just arrived: Leghorn21 Aug 2019 #7
"Hundreds" huh..... these are the same people who greatly exaggerate their 'manhood' too groundloop Aug 2019 #10
What man is proud to be called a "Proud Boy?" NoMoreRepugs Aug 2019 #13
It looks like... SergeStorms Aug 2019 #19
I wonder why... SergeStorms Aug 2019 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author Leghorn21 Aug 2019 #20
Doesn't he have an outstanding warrant? BlueIdaho Aug 2019 #18
I'd bet he was throwing the white power sign immediately after hitting send. lark Aug 2019 #8
live Portland police feed yaesu Aug 2019 #9
A gaslighter nearly always "calls the kettle black." slumcamper Aug 2019 #11
It's logical. Turbineguy Aug 2019 #12
A protesters note to idiot racist protesters yaesu Aug 2019 #14
So, the fascists just got played today... PandoraAwakened Aug 2019 #23
... Scurrilous Aug 2019 #25
Saw that too. stevil Aug 2019 #31
Ha ha, I have to admit to being... SMC22307 Aug 2019 #33
Triumph of the Willfully Stupid Grokenstein Aug 2019 #42
Good news, thanks Pandora. Nt Mc Mike Aug 2019 #44
CNN interviewing these "antifa" masked idiots. One wearing a hammer & sickle on his helmet. oldsoftie Aug 2019 #24
Antifa marchers KNOW that a number of "infiltrators" are in their midst to be "interviewed" and ancianita Aug 2019 #26
Yes, that is one thing that I have worried about. potone Aug 2019 #37
Unicorn Riot reports that antifa had prepared for that and drove most of them out of their marches ancianita Aug 2019 #38
CNN is one of the least qualified PandoraAwakened Aug 2019 #32
I advise not to take the right wing groups lightly The Liberal Lion Aug 2019 #27
Antifa, because they don't take the right lightly, and because they're defensive, people who don't ancianita Aug 2019 #39
This is incredible beyond belief. Firestorm49 Aug 2019 #28
There are very fine people on one side. Mc Mike Aug 2019 #29
They are proud, yet... VarryOn Aug 2019 #30
Grown men in homemade costumes relive procon Aug 2019 #36
The guy with the daughter was using her as a tool against Antifa dustyscamp Aug 2019 #45
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