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5. And China.
Fri Oct 25, 2019, 07:33 AM
Oct 2019

China has been investing in Africa for years. Through their Belt and Road initiative, they’re also investing in many other countries. China and Russia are the future world leaders, as the US fades into irrelevance. Republicans do not believe in government (except to take tax dollars for themselves) and their policies have been contributing to lack of investment dollars for our own infrastructure as well as investments in other countries. Trump has simply caused the decline to go faster.

The US is still a large market that other countries want to exploit, and I think US citizens would be surprised to know how much China has invested, especially in food production industries. Foreign investors also have stakes in mining and fossil fuels. And, of course, Moscow Mitch has announced Russian investment in Ky. For decades we had a technology advantage and we attracted the brightest foreign students to our universities, many of whom then stayed and became innovators. Those students today are going to other countries because they believe they are not welcome in the US under Trump, especially those of color, the Chinese because of the trade war, and Muslims.

We are watching in real time the destruction of our world role, and Republican leaders simply shrug and keep supporting the man most responsible for making the current situation worse. The US is certainly not a perfect world leader, but will the world be better off with authoritarian leaders to whom human rights are unimportant?

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