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Wed Jul 7, 2021, 06:47 AM Jul 2021

American Airlines cancels flight after teens refuse to wear masks [View all]

Source: MSN

American Airlines was forced to cancel a flight from North Carolina to the Bahamas after a group of 30 teenagers refused to wear face masks - and they were then forced to sleep in the airport overnight because they were too young to check into a hotel.

Flight 893 was scheduled to depart from Charlotte Douglas International Airport enroute to Nassau on Monday when passengers say the group of teens from Boston started being 'very obnoxious'.

Fellow passengers say the group, aged 17 and 18, refused to wear their masks as required.

The group were believed to be on their way to the Bahamas for a graduation trip.

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/american-airlines-cancels-flight-after-teens-refuse-to-wear-masks/ar-AALQkuR

Idiots. Shouldnt let them fly period. And fine them. Maybe not let them fly for 5 yrs.
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Because they're kids, I'd go along with a five year ban but lifetime probation as far brewens Jul 2021 #1
Because they are kids? Really, so if they bring a weapon to school what should society expect. usaf-vet Jul 2021 #66
They should also be forced to pay all airport & passenger costs too, along with a hefty fine. TheBlackAdder Jul 2021 #126
And now we find out, it's shitty American Airlines DenaliDemocrat Jul 2021 #128
I hope that they are simply sent home Sherman A1 Jul 2021 #2
Yes, I dont know why you get to fly after YOU were the problem! oldsoftie Jul 2021 #4
They did get to fly the next day Rorey Jul 2021 #6
only after agreeing to wear masks on the second flight RussBLib Jul 2021 #101
NO! It's not their fault. Affluenza should be treated as a recognized disability. 3Hotdogs Jul 2021 #13
affluenza increases sex on the wrong brain, the theory suggests, since those kids have more certainot Jul 2021 #58
No, they won't learn responsibility by getting yet another pass because of their parents. dbonds Jul 2021 #59
Sorry. Not sorry. WinstonSmith4740 Jul 2021 #62
are you serious? barbtries Jul 2021 #79
I would guess not serious wryter2000 Jul 2021 #90
Emoji takes the fun out of stuff. 3Hotdogs Jul 2021 #108
Yes, I'm joking. Emoji takes the fun out of stuff. 3Hotdogs Jul 2021 #107
Agreed! Sarcasm should be implicit! Lucky Luciano Jul 2021 #112
Emoji does not substitute for thought soldierant Jul 2021 #117
Honestly, I sometimes omit the sarcasm emoji when I think my PoindexterOglethorpe Jul 2021 #122
Thanks. soldierant Jul 2021 #133
i bet it just tickles you barbtries Jul 2021 #118
Yeah, I don't remember having $2,000 burning a hole in my pocket for flights and a hotel when... LudwigPastorius Jul 2021 #113
I think anyone who refuses to abide by an airlines rules, needs to be put on a do not fly list JohnSJ Jul 2021 #3
I agree, with one exception Rorey Jul 2021 #7
I agree. A 17 and 18 year old person, is old enough to understand what rules JohnSJ Jul 2021 #8
do you have a link? barbtries Jul 2021 #80
Here's just one of many Rorey Jul 2021 #86
thank you. barbtries Jul 2021 #89
I was worried Rorey Jul 2021 #92
Did United really do that?? You've got to be kidding me! BComplex Jul 2021 #103
Except he wasn't holding the mask over her face. He was just sitting there with her. Maraya1969 Jul 2021 #109
I don't know Rorey Jul 2021 #110
Toddlers in my family wear a mask. sheshe2 Jul 2021 #123
Agreed! But add anyone regardless of age to the no fly list if they refuse to wear.... usaf-vet Jul 2021 #63
That's a good idea.. look at all the Cha Jul 2021 #116
Hey, Cha! Happy DU anniversary! Scrivener7 Jul 2021 #130
Hey Aloha Scrivener! I wasn't sure Cha Jul 2021 #132
Bratty, entitled jerks Rorey Jul 2021 #5
Brats😂 Traildogbob Jul 2021 #28
Nope--article said they're from Boston. mtngirl47 Jul 2021 #40
Sorry Traildogbob Jul 2021 #46
The flight WAS from NC moose65 Jul 2021 #49
I know Traildogbob Jul 2021 #52
Also Traildogbob Jul 2021 #53
I'm sort of your neighbor moose65 Jul 2021 #100
I wonder... jmowreader Jul 2021 #76
????? Traildogbob Jul 2021 #104
From the NE US, not NC CurtEastPoint Jul 2021 #41
ALL passengers, including DISRUPTIVE teens rebooked........ riversedge Jul 2021 #9
Perhaps teenagers should be told they are required NOT Deminpenn Jul 2021 #10
I would have given them the following choice DFW Jul 2021 #11
Well at least they lost a day in the Sun. 3Hotdogs Jul 2021 #12
That's the only bright side; they didn't get lodging! Grokenstein Jul 2021 #37
Aren't some of them 18? LiberatedUSA Jul 2021 #51
No MissB Jul 2021 #60
I believe you have to be 25 to book a hotel room or rent a car. n/t FSogol Jul 2021 #131
the floor at the airport even less so. nt barbtries Jul 2021 #82
Go to the Bahamss for a graduation trip? LiberalFighter Jul 2021 #14
Agreed Sherman A1 Jul 2021 #17
Exactly the same here. The Mouth Jul 2021 #61
My next day was off to the military recruiters office signed up and left for basic in October. usaf-vet Jul 2021 #70
Graduation trip? lonely bird Jul 2021 #48
Graduation trip? What's that? Politicub Jul 2021 #73
My class did it in '78. Bahamas isnt that expensive oldsoftie Jul 2021 #120
This does not bode well for their future success in life. Joinfortmill Jul 2021 #15
They're rich Mysterian Jul 2021 #25
Affluenza Rorey Jul 2021 #31
These idiots will be on no fly list LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2021 #16
Thanks Trump Evolve Dammit Jul 2021 #18
Brett Kavanaugh's in training padfun Jul 2021 #19
How were they allowed to even get to Charlotte from Boston, not wearing masks? FailureToCommunicate Jul 2021 #20
My first thought as well. SharonClark Jul 2021 #21
They began their "protest" after the second flight boarded. Grokenstein Jul 2021 #39
Ah, that makes sense now. Thanks! FailureToCommunicate Jul 2021 #44
i figured that had to be it. barbtries Jul 2021 #83
Not what is being reported now. DenaliDemocrat Jul 2021 #129
Five years on "no-fly" ought to do it. marble falls Jul 2021 #22
Sounds reasonabe to me. And sends a strong message. nt oldsoftie Jul 2021 #119
And they all died happily thereafter. twodogsbarking Jul 2021 #23
Young MAGATS get no sympathy from me. NoMoreRepugs Jul 2021 #24
Should have been kicked off the flight Rocknation Jul 2021 #26
If I were American Airlines, I'd make everyone get off the plane, have the kids arrrested Rabrrrrrr Jul 2021 #27
Their passports should be revoked too Rorey Jul 2021 #32
After I posted that, I was thinking that there should be a marker on passports Rabrrrrrr Jul 2021 #35
..... Rorey Jul 2021 #93
exactly DBoon Jul 2021 #84
But they got national news attention with their stunt. Was on ABC Nightly News. sinkingfeeling Jul 2021 #29
Instead of feeling shame, I'm sure they just got bragging rights from that. Rorey Jul 2021 #33
Teens who will be college kids next year. dreamland Jul 2021 #30
As someone who will be back to teaching US university students... róisín_dubh Jul 2021 #68
It's bad reporting, that is for sure...... getagrip_already Jul 2021 #34
The initial delay was caused by the mechanical problem.... marmar Jul 2021 #47
Yeah, though that part isn't clear eithrr..... getagrip_already Jul 2021 #65
There must not have been an adult traveling with them if they were "too young to check into a hotel" tanyev Jul 2021 #36
There ought to be multi-year flight bans, for them AND their parents. Paladin Jul 2021 #38
Nah, not for the parents. Jedi Guy Jul 2021 #64
Really. Snackshack Jul 2021 #42
I flew the other day Marthe48 Jul 2021 #43
mask keithbvadu2 Jul 2021 #54
No Matter What You Do... OhioTim Jul 2021 #45
Graduation trip to the islands? boyedav1969 Jul 2021 #50
Hard on the rest of the passengers. treestar Jul 2021 #55
Shouldn't Have Mattered ProfessorGAC Jul 2021 #106
Not that this is ANY excuse for their behavior, but Amer Air brings this on themselves AllyCat Jul 2021 #56
Definitely should Rebl2 Jul 2021 #57
Wow! I feel so Turbineguy Jul 2021 #67
Fining them would be highly appropriate. cab67 Jul 2021 #69
Of course these stupid teens were born after 9/11 IronLionZion Jul 2021 #71
Could you please send a link to the photos, I cannot locate them. Jay25 Jul 2021 #75
Good point IronLionZion Jul 2021 #85
Where seta1950 Jul 2021 #72
Send 'em back to Boston Warpy Jul 2021 #74
wow. they gave up their trip barbtries Jul 2021 #77
And now there are 130 masked passengers who got fucked jmowreader Jul 2021 #78
They and their parents should have been fined The Mouth Jul 2021 #91
Why "charter" another jet when they have one sitting there? jmowreader Jul 2021 #97
If that was feasible, sure The Mouth Jul 2021 #99
Thats what I was thinking of. All those excited to start a Bahamas vacation on the plane too LiberalLovinLug Jul 2021 #96
GOOD! elleng Jul 2021 #81
I'll bet every last one was white. BradBo Jul 2021 #87
I bet you're incorrect. What are you willing to wager? Devil Child Jul 2021 #98
Maskholes! BlueWavePsych Jul 2021 #88
These people also lost a day of vacation too just because they were on the plane with the teens luckone Jul 2021 #94
they do it with 30 kids but not with 1 woman who is repeatedly told to put mask on orleans Jul 2021 #95
Normally I'm opposed to corporal punishment SpankMe Jul 2021 #102
That the teens were a-holes is not surprising. RVN VET71 Jul 2021 #105
At 17-18 years, and high school graduates, these are not children. patphil Jul 2021 #111
Hah, well then, standing up for their "beliefs" cost them a trip to the Bahamas. ancianita Jul 2021 #114
Cutting Off their noses to Spite their Cha Jul 2021 #115
Does anyone remember the teen who was flying out of Boston for a family vacation after 9/11? catrose Jul 2021 #121
Why cancel the flight and ruin everyone else's trip? Just kick off the brats, Liberty Belle Jul 2021 #124
The parents need to answer for this FakeNoose Jul 2021 #127
There's a limit to teenage stupidity. Aussie105 Jul 2021 #125
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