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5. The Ukrainian's lives are just pawns in Musk's game of revenge for...
Fri Oct 14, 2022, 03:33 AM
Oct 2022

the FCC passing on the nearly-billion-dollar subsidy that Space X was seeking.


What a petty little b__ch that fucking guy is.

This is a rounding error in musk's wealth. Make him pay some tax for a change and use that. PSPS Oct 2022 #1
I'm calling BS on Elon Musk & SpaceX ... aggiesal Oct 2022 #2
Yup blue-wave Oct 2022 #3
NOT GOOD, Elon. truthisfreedom Oct 2022 #4
Knowing what we know now Grimelle Oct 2022 #24
The Ukrainian's lives are just pawns in Musk's game of revenge for... LudwigPastorius Oct 2022 #5
"Can no longer pay"?! Duppers Oct 2022 #6
Looks like Musk And Putin Did Talk DallasNE Oct 2022 #7
Yep. FM123 Oct 2022 #38
I read that article too blue-wave Oct 2022 #39
OK, Musk. Deduct it from the hundreds of millions.... SergeStorms Oct 2022 #8
I thought subsidies for EV's was one of the cornerstones of the Inflation Reduction Act? OnlinePoker Oct 2022 #20
Not when it's a scam. SergeStorms Oct 2022 #26
Battery swapping was not a scam OnlinePoker Oct 2022 #27
There were no batteries. SergeStorms Oct 2022 #41
SpaceX was paid by US to send some Starlink terminals to Ukraine despite claiming it wasn't. SunSeeker Oct 2022 #9
First, you get them addicted. They begin to need you. Simeon Salus Oct 2022 #10
This!!! Delmette2.0 Oct 2022 #19
Putin's latest Fluffer. Bohunk68 Oct 2022 #11
F**k Musk, F**k Sauidi Arabia, F**k all the autocrats JohnSJ Oct 2022 #12
Amateur Bond villain. C_U_L8R Oct 2022 #13
I think he's earned the nickname Musk-rat by now Maeve Oct 2022 #14
Is there a 'plan b' for this situation? EYESORE 9001 Oct 2022 #15
Maybe. 2naSalit Oct 2022 #18
No. former9thward Oct 2022 #36
since elon is our space program now DonCoquixote Oct 2022 #16
Sorry to say but... 2naSalit Oct 2022 #17
Musk working for the Russians? LiberalFighter Oct 2022 #21
Elon Musk is a lying POS. sinkingfeeling Oct 2022 #22
Hey Musk.......maybe it is time to start a letter campaign to ask that we the taxpayers turbinetree Oct 2022 #23
Tesla Taxes OhioTim Oct 2022 #25
so he wants to become the Hobby Lobby of IT????? dembotoz Oct 2022 #28
Bullshit! Oneironaut Oct 2022 #29
It is strange that companies are getting rich from supplying arms and other equipment to Ukraine ripcord Oct 2022 #30
Musk is a freaking traitor to the US. BradBo Oct 2022 #31
grifters grift Snoopy 7 Oct 2022 #32
I don't care if he can or can't pay relayerbob Oct 2022 #33
Makes one wonder if the system is compromised... malthaussen Oct 2022 #34
The US military industrial complex. THE welfare state. mjvpi Oct 2022 #35
So is he looking for the highest bidder situation here? bluestarone Oct 2022 #37
Why wouldn't that be treason? copperearth Oct 2022 #42
"Treason" requires a congressional declaration of war The Mouth Oct 2022 #43
So Musk got his payout from Putin? sybylla Oct 2022 #40
It was a mistake to rely on such a nutbar to provide such important communication systems LiberalLovinLug Oct 2022 #44
Yeah, in the past blue-wave Oct 2022 #45
Anyone who values money over EndlessWire Oct 2022 #46
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