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The Mouth

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43. "Treason" requires a congressional declaration of war
Fri Oct 14, 2022, 04:58 PM
Oct 2022

It's been literally impossible to commit 'Treason' since the end of WW2.

Espionage is another matter, however (that's what they got the Rosenbergs on)

Just an anal .02

This is a rounding error in musk's wealth. Make him pay some tax for a change and use that. PSPS Oct 2022 #1
I'm calling BS on Elon Musk & SpaceX ... aggiesal Oct 2022 #2
Yup blue-wave Oct 2022 #3
NOT GOOD, Elon. truthisfreedom Oct 2022 #4
Knowing what we know now Grimelle Oct 2022 #24
The Ukrainian's lives are just pawns in Musk's game of revenge for... LudwigPastorius Oct 2022 #5
"Can no longer pay"?! Duppers Oct 2022 #6
Looks like Musk And Putin Did Talk DallasNE Oct 2022 #7
Yep. FM123 Oct 2022 #38
I read that article too blue-wave Oct 2022 #39
OK, Musk. Deduct it from the hundreds of millions.... SergeStorms Oct 2022 #8
I thought subsidies for EV's was one of the cornerstones of the Inflation Reduction Act? OnlinePoker Oct 2022 #20
Not when it's a scam. SergeStorms Oct 2022 #26
Battery swapping was not a scam OnlinePoker Oct 2022 #27
There were no batteries. SergeStorms Oct 2022 #41
SpaceX was paid by US to send some Starlink terminals to Ukraine despite claiming it wasn't. SunSeeker Oct 2022 #9
First, you get them addicted. They begin to need you. Simeon Salus Oct 2022 #10
This!!! Delmette2.0 Oct 2022 #19
Putin's latest Fluffer. Bohunk68 Oct 2022 #11
F**k Musk, F**k Sauidi Arabia, F**k all the autocrats JohnSJ Oct 2022 #12
Amateur Bond villain. C_U_L8R Oct 2022 #13
I think he's earned the nickname Musk-rat by now Maeve Oct 2022 #14
Is there a 'plan b' for this situation? EYESORE 9001 Oct 2022 #15
Maybe. 2naSalit Oct 2022 #18
No. former9thward Oct 2022 #36
since elon is our space program now DonCoquixote Oct 2022 #16
Sorry to say but... 2naSalit Oct 2022 #17
Musk working for the Russians? LiberalFighter Oct 2022 #21
Elon Musk is a lying POS. sinkingfeeling Oct 2022 #22
Hey Musk.......maybe it is time to start a letter campaign to ask that we the taxpayers turbinetree Oct 2022 #23
Tesla Taxes OhioTim Oct 2022 #25
so he wants to become the Hobby Lobby of IT????? dembotoz Oct 2022 #28
Bullshit! Oneironaut Oct 2022 #29
It is strange that companies are getting rich from supplying arms and other equipment to Ukraine ripcord Oct 2022 #30
Musk is a freaking traitor to the US. BradBo Oct 2022 #31
grifters grift Snoopy 7 Oct 2022 #32
I don't care if he can or can't pay relayerbob Oct 2022 #33
Makes one wonder if the system is compromised... malthaussen Oct 2022 #34
The US military industrial complex. THE welfare state. mjvpi Oct 2022 #35
So is he looking for the highest bidder situation here? bluestarone Oct 2022 #37
Why wouldn't that be treason? copperearth Oct 2022 #42
"Treason" requires a congressional declaration of war The Mouth Oct 2022 #43
So Musk got his payout from Putin? sybylla Oct 2022 #40
It was a mistake to rely on such a nutbar to provide such important communication systems LiberalLovinLug Oct 2022 #44
Yeah, in the past blue-wave Oct 2022 #45
Anyone who values money over EndlessWire Oct 2022 #46
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