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25. "All the great things [they] achieved for the German people" is one of the most ignorant things
Thu Oct 27, 2022, 06:09 PM
Oct 2022

one could imagine anyone saying.

What Hitler and the Nazis accomplished for the German people was getting 1 out of every 12 Germans killed in a six year period. One in twelve!

Ye and TFG have that in common IronLionZion Oct 2022 #1
Yes DENVERPOPS Oct 2022 #35
This. JudyM Oct 2022 #36
Yep ck4829 Oct 2022 #46
Bill Burr on Kanye, 2018: sl8 Oct 2022 #2
I remember that! (love Bill Burr) Wingus Dingus Oct 2022 #32
I believe Kanye read about as much of Mein Kampf as Trump did of the book of speeches. tanyev Oct 2022 #3
If He Actually Did Read It modrepub Oct 2022 #13
Didn't Kanye once say slavery was voluntary or optional or some such? Gore1FL Oct 2022 #20
He Did... GB_RN Oct 2022 #33
he has a disturbing history, period Skittles Oct 2022 #4
Well said. Thank You for your observation & post. Stuart G Oct 2022 #5
I really feel bad for his children Skittles Oct 2022 #7
And Their Mom Is Also An Intellectual Genius SoCalDavidS Oct 2022 #41
Much like Trump. Haggard Celine Oct 2022 #9
yup Skittles Oct 2022 #11
Yes, there are a lot of public figures lately PatSeg Oct 2022 #14
Indeed ck4829 Oct 2022 #47
"... all the great things he and the Nazi Party achieved for the German people" Jim__ Oct 2022 #6
great like Berlin in June 1945 speak easy Oct 2022 #10
Kanye... What specific great things? keithbvadu2 Oct 2022 #22
I'm laughing at all the suckers GenXer47 Oct 2022 #8
And he became a billionaire being PatSeg Oct 2022 #16
I think his first couple of albums were brilliant. Elessar Zappa Oct 2022 #21
That's what people have been saying PatSeg Oct 2022 #40
What a dick Blue Owl Oct 2022 #12
He is the perfect candidate johnnyfins Oct 2022 #15
Nah, they won't run Yeezy for the White House. Jedi Guy Oct 2022 #43
never understood the attraction. Or to any of the Kardacians for that matter... Evolve Dammit Oct 2022 #17
I checked all my music. OneCrazyDiamond Oct 2022 #18
Ye ol NAZI lover. nt Cha Oct 2022 #19
He's done professionally. Joinfortmill Oct 2022 #23
Good riddance CountAllVotes Oct 2022 #24
Hopefully ck4829 Oct 2022 #48
"All the great things [they] achieved for the German people" is one of the most ignorant things RockRaven Oct 2022 #25
Kanye would be a good Halloween costume this year Roetdoe Oct 2022 #26
Missed the filing deadline for this election mahina Oct 2022 #27
Like all Hitler apologists, he's a fucking twerp who wants to look big and tough Warpy Oct 2022 #28
Indeed ck4829 Oct 2022 #49
Yeah sure, Hitler left Berlin in great shape postwar; great things!!! winstars Oct 2022 #29
Kanye IS disturbed. BigmanPigman Oct 2022 #30
Stuart G............. Upthevibe Oct 2022 #31
I Often Said Of That Pairing... GB_RN Oct 2022 #34
Has anyone told Kanye . . . Shoonra Oct 2022 #37
Nobody gives a rat's ass about this nitwit. MadMike47 Oct 2022 #38
He has a lot of support on Social Media and it's extremely depressing to see all the support. Quixote1818 Oct 2022 #39
One of the worst people in history? thomski64 Oct 2022 #42
What about him isn't disturbing. twodogsbarking Oct 2022 #44
well he does llashram Oct 2022 #45
Kick ck4829 Oct 2022 #50
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