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11 Bravo

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11. FOX aired the claim that it was a terror attack not long after Laura Ingraham ...
Wed Nov 22, 2023, 08:17 PM
Nov 2023

flatly stated that Democrats have nothing to offer except fear.

Thank goodness. ificandream Nov 2023 #1
Good to hear that it was not terrorist related--yet I see some are riversedge Nov 2023 #2
Fucking God damn FAUX SNOOZE needs to make a retraction gopiscrap Nov 2023 #3
They're such f..king liars BlueKota Nov 2023 #5
FOX aired the claim that it was a terror attack not long after Laura Ingraham ... 11 Bravo Nov 2023 #11
Always projecting IronLionZion Nov 2023 #21
good . AllaN01Bear Nov 2023 #4
At least there's that. Good electric_blue68 Nov 2023 #6
Then what was it? former9thward Nov 2023 #7
Eyewitnesses are notoriously bad at recalling events. Probatim Nov 2023 #8
There is video of the car flying through the air. former9thward Nov 2023 #9
Accidents can happen like that IronLionZion Nov 2023 #12
I am not panicking whether it is terrorism or not. former9thward Nov 2023 #13
Being brown in America is better when it's not terrorism IronLionZion Nov 2023 #14
Not sure what your subject line is supposed mean in relation to this incident. former9thward Nov 2023 #16
This thread has more info on the driver and passenger and vehicle involved IronLionZion Nov 2023 #18
I originally asked what was it? former9thward Nov 2023 #19
It was a high speed car accident, not terrorism IronLionZion Nov 2023 #20
"WHY CAN'T THIS BE A TERRORIST ATTACK!?! COME ON!!" seems to be the question though... ck4829 Nov 2023 #32
No, the question is What was It? former9thward Nov 2023 #34
Bentley's also don't just blow up Polybius Nov 2023 #25
Gasoline explodes with high speed impacts IronLionZion Nov 2023 #26
Gasoline is extremely flammable Polybius Nov 2023 #27
Gasoline explodes IronLionZion Nov 2023 #28
It can be Polybius Nov 2023 #30
Said to be cancelled. So the KISS Army struck. Kennah Nov 2023 #37
The vehicle came from a casino. It was on several city streets and even drove on the grass (according to a map) LeftInTX Nov 2023 #29
Explosion? ProfessorGAC Nov 2023 #38
Yes, but what caused the accident? former9thward Nov 2023 #39
We Agree On That, Totally ProfessorGAC Nov 2023 #41
Another Tesla fireball Ponietz Nov 2023 #10
Was it a tesla? IronLionZion Nov 2023 #15
$300, 000 Bently Pope on a Rope Nov 2023 #23
This about as useful as the Fox reporting... EarthFirst Nov 2023 #17
"That's what they want you to believe." - FOX News ZonkerHarris Nov 2023 #22
Please tell us what vehicle the were driving. It look like an IED. usaf-vet Nov 2023 #24
I Don't Agree ProfessorGAC Nov 2023 #40
Thanks! Of course I showed my ignorance of "high explosives" C4 is the goto explosive for a non explosive expert .... usaf-vet Nov 2023 #42
Terrifying, but not terrorism. Aussie105 Nov 2023 #31
Yes but was that car headed for the Macy's Parade! bucolic_frolic Nov 2023 #33
It's them Duke boys agin. twodogsbarking Nov 2023 #35
Victims in Niagara Falls border bridge crash identified as Western New York couple Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2023 #36
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