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19. As a long-term ex-Federal inmate, I don't condone prison violence. The Cheering from the Sidelines crew can check it out
Fri Nov 24, 2023, 11:20 PM
Nov 2023

from the inside and then report back on how they feel about it.

Was he stabbed for 12 minutes? underpants Nov 2023 #1
9 dcmfox Nov 2023 #2
My husband's question was TNNurse Nov 25 #34
Exactly underpants Nov 25 #36
Oh no . . . . . . anyway SarcasticSatyr Nov 2023 #3
Save your money. Don't send it. Prison authorities say it's contraband. Kennah Nov 25 #42
Prison violence is unacceptable, no matter what the prisoner was in for. Ocelot II Nov 2023 #4
I agree. This should not happen. To anyone. Demobrat Nov 2023 #13
This. eggplant Nov 25 #23
Violence is unacceptable, no matter who the victim is PJMcK Nov 25 #32
I mean you could say it's karma then AkFemDem Nov 25 #37
Yes, you are right. LisaM Nov 25 #40
I was just responding to my husband ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 25 #46
Headline: Chauvin-is-sticked True Dough Nov 2023 #5
He got the point (n/t) PJMcK Nov 25 #33
This presents a dilemma. TexasTowelie Nov 2023 #6
How about a racist asshole cop? Sal_NV Nov 2023 #7
An option "C" isn't provided. TexasTowelie Nov 2023 #9
Ok, I'm going to commit and say racist. Sal_NV Nov 2023 #11
Or just because. It is jail. Srkdqltr Nov 2023 #14
It would be claudette Nov 25 #27
Probably all of the above jmowreader Nov 25 #55
All he had to do to stay out of prison was not murder someone. No sympathy. At the same time ... marble falls Nov 2023 #8
🦵 kick Demovictory9 Nov 2023 #10
As Monty Python would say. nycbos Nov 2023 #12
Is this a liberal/Democratic/progressive website? Prairie Gates Nov 2023 #15
We're not all sunshine, puppies and kittens. Many of us have been fighting the wars a long time ms liberty Nov 25 #31
Nicely put. (nt) Paladin Nov 25 #45
It CAN be subjective. I mean, there's 1000s & 1000s of users oldsoftie Nov 25 #49
Yeah. Kum-Bah-Yah was half a century ago. Aristus Nov 25 #50
This veteran agrees with you. Sal_NV Nov 25 #51
What in the world? Prairie Gates Nov 25 #52
what does being a veteran have to do with it? Skittles Nov 25 #57
No. This was more a reflection on how the perception of liberalism Aristus Nov 25 #63
it is not WEAK to be disgusted by prison violence Skittles Nov 25 #64
Mistaking being "soft" for being ethical Prairie Gates Nov 26 #65
You Have To RobinA Nov 25 #53
a lot of DUers think prison violence is just fine Skittles Nov 25 #56
There's a little bit of Truth Social flavored vigilantism going round on this thread. NT Beakybird Nov 2023 #16
yes Skittles Nov 25 #58
Karma's a bitch, Lunabell Nov 2023 #17
I don't feel sorry for Chauvin but I get no satisfaction from this. dflprincess Nov 2023 #18
As a long-term ex-Federal inmate, I don't condone prison violence. The Cheering from the Sidelines crew can check it out NBachers Nov 2023 #19
As a mother of an inmate in federal prison... duhneece Nov 25 #25
Prison violence Old Crank Nov 2023 #20
Precisely MissMillie Nov 25 #30
It's not uncommon for prisoners like Chauvin to be segregated from the general prison population, mn9driver Nov 25 #21
Epstine can relate. rubbersole Nov 25 #22
I don't wish him harm, but let's face it. He's a marked man and he did it to himself. padah513 Nov 25 #24
I just don't understand claudette Nov 25 #26
There's Not As Much RobinA Nov 25 #54
I wouldn't say liberal Skittles Nov 25 #59
No sympathy from me Raine Nov 25 #28
Looks as though... The Grand Illuminist Nov 25 #29
Cops are not welcomed very well in prison. Period. ashredux Nov 25 #35
The failure of a prison to protect an inmate from a violent attack .... 70sEraVet Nov 25 #38
Did he call for his Mama as he was being murdered? Autumn Nov 25 #39
Maybe he just disrespected the wrong person JoseBalow Nov 25 #41
Neither is any reason a good one to shank him ExWhoDoesntCare Nov 25 #47
I agree JoseBalow Nov 25 #62
According to the wiki page Kennah Nov 25 #43
wrong or right doesn't matter Novara Nov 25 #44
Some of the comments in this thread are a bit disappointing Ocelot II Nov 25 #48
Shiv happens !! nt TeamProg Nov 25 #60
US Supreme Court rejects ex-cop Chauvin's appeal in George Floyd murder IcyPeas Nov 25 #61
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