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Has she said sorry for helping tRump win 2016 Electoral College? No. She doubled down. . .nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2023 #1
She isn't smart enough to realize a third party doesn't stand a chance SouthernDem4ever Dec 2023 #12
or she is, cab67 Dec 2023 #22
Is she sorry for what she did in 2016 by encouraging people not to vote for Hillary also? She never JohnSJ Dec 2023 #2
She meant what she said, her apology is fake CarolinaNC Dec 2023 #42
Agree Rebl2 Dec 2023 #59
she really should STFU Skittles Dec 2023 #3
It's like Tourette syndrome EYESORE 9001 Dec 2023 #6
I'd describe it as part of a larger Idiocratist impulse Ponietz Dec 2023 #7
Kinda of like TFG Rebl2 Dec 2023 #19
Ditto. milestogo Dec 2023 #21
What is wrong with her? She is as stupid as Donald Trump.. Stuart G Dec 2023 #65
She's one of these rich, entitled women who don't give a shit about anybody else .... LenaBaby61 Dec 3 #72
"I misspoke. Forgive me." no_hypocrisy Dec 2023 #4
Aww. Hey, Susan... FUCK YOU! Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #5
With a cactus, sideways Major Nikon Dec 2023 #56
Yikes! Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #57
I'm sure she's very sorry that her agents dropped her. tanyev Dec 2023 #8
Two words: Fuck her. ananda Dec 2023 #9
"I'm a STAR! My opinions mean MORE!" Piss off, Susan. oldsoftie Dec 2023 #10
Fuck you, Susie sakabatou Dec 2023 #11
That was one hell of a miss. That was an absolutely leftyladyfrommo Dec 2023 #13
Read: "They deserve whatever happens to them!" Zambero Dec 2023 #14
Apology NOT accepted. (nt) Paladin Dec 2023 #15
She shot what little career she had left with her mouth on this one. cstanleytech Dec 2023 #16
I've been done with her since she helped elect trump radical noodle Dec 2023 #17
Welcome to the world of grown-ups, Susan. Saying stupid things DOES have consequences. For you. n/t TygrBright Dec 2023 #18
she did not 'mis-speak' she is who she is bonniebgood Dec 2023 #20
Enough! Jean Genie Dec 2023 #23
Umm...no. revmclaren Dec 2023 #32
Nope. She was anti HRC in 2016. EllieBC Dec 2023 #54
Absolutely not! (Fuck you, Susan Sarandon!) Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #58
Had she not been dropped by her talent agency, she wouldn't have apologized. nt jrthin Dec 2023 #24
Precisely. Trying to undo the damage onetexan Dec 2023 #29
Exactly. She didn't misspeak. She was at a pro-HAMAS rally. yardwork Dec 2023 #40
Indeed. Exactly. She knew where she was, what it was, what she was doing and what she was saying. Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #60
She should audition The Wizard Dec 2023 #25
Isn't humanity the idea of sympathizing with everyone suffering? Marthe48 Dec 2023 #26
Hey Sue... sheshe2 Dec 2023 #27
Remember that time she was shouting and screaming at Delores Huerta? Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #30
Yes. I remember it well. sheshe2 Dec 2023 #33
Sarandon is delusional and a hypocrite. She loved-loved-loved John Edwards (and ignored his vote for IWR). Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #34
I hate auto correct...fixed it. sheshe2 Dec 2023 #38
That's when she lost me...I re-run that clip in my mind Lucinda Dec 2023 #61
Yes. Unforgivable. yardwork Dec 2023 #41
While she's an insincere-apology mood... I wonder if she'll toss one in Delores' direction. Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #49
Huerta was so gracious while Sarandon was acting like a disrespectful fool Lucinda Dec 2023 #62
I didn't know she had said that. Talk about having a knack doing, being, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time... brush Dec 2023 #28
womp womp Susan, you WhiteTara Dec 2023 #31
So irrelevant.... LakeArenal Dec 2023 #35
She's "box office poison". Her career is over. Her outrageous behavior and offensive words are simply to get attention. Oopsie Daisy Dec 2023 #36
OK, Susan PlanetBev Dec 2023 #37
Sorry she said it or sorry there were consequences? dlk Dec 2023 #39
If this didn't impact her financially she'd never have "regretted" what she said GreenEyedLefty Dec 2023 #43
She's still around? Abolishinist Dec 2023 #44
I generally ignore her. The Third Doctor Dec 2023 #45
Saying something stupid and outrageous because she no longer gets the attention she once did. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2023 #46
You know, I think Susan is not really very mature or very smart. PatrickforB Dec 2023 #47
She's a 'piece of work'. Joinfortmill Dec 2023 #48
Maybe she is trying to change. Maybe I will win Powerball tonight. twodogsbarking Dec 2023 #50
She is not sorry nor apologetic, she is just "caught" and enacting PR moves. Behind the Aegis Dec 2023 #51
Sarandan says sorry, not maliaSmith Dec 2023 #52
This came to mind........ twodogsbarking Dec 2023 #53
I cannot stand this woman.. honest.abe Dec 2023 #55
If she is still a liberal, Aristus Dec 2023 #63
I remember hearing about her comment but being sleepy at the time that I couldn't... electric_blue68 Dec 2023 #64
Good grief... Mike Nelson Dec 2023 #66
She's sorry she trashed her career. Bye bye Susan. nt pnwmom Dec 2023 #67
She certainly has a history, but is one of the few who said "I failed." Raven123 Dec 2023 #68
#fuckyoususansarandan ismnotwasm Dec 2023 #69
at least she apologized RussBLib Dec 2023 #70
She should be cabotnn22 Dec 2023 #71
She's clueless Ispa77 Dec 3 #73
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