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Hm, I haven't heard anything like that. Novara Dec 3 #1
Just ask Q! He knows. Kablooie Dec 4 #53
I don't believe him. badhair77 Dec 3 #2
Me neither. Talitha Dec 3 #32
I imagine tfg passing the word he heard. SleeplessinSoCal Dec 4 #67
Total, unadulterated Bullshit. OAITW r.2.0 Dec 3 #3
Impeachments often help the impeached electorally Ispa77 Dec 3 #4
Not only that, most just want to get in and get out as fast as they can Warpy Dec 3 #21
In the South, even the streets kwijybo Dec 3 #31
Never saw it in Wally's, but my experience in that down south Warpy Dec 3 #42
Lived in ABQ for 30 years kwijybo Dec 4 #71
The facts do not support that statement whopis01 Dec 4 #54
I get the correlations, but 2000 is so heavily disputed Mad_Machine76 Dec 4 #66
My point was that "impeachments often help the impeached electorally" can not be backed up by facts whopis01 Dec 5 #75
I doubt that most Walmart shoppers would recognize this buffoon Bayard Dec 3 #5
Except Joe Biden didn't " receive millions and millions of dollars from our enemies around the world," you damn liar. emulatorloo Dec 3 #6
And your reply title Delphinus Dec 3 #14
That conversation has happened precisely ZERO times in any Walmart... SKKY Dec 3 #7
Hey fellow Hoosier! Mad_Machine76 Dec 3 #11
Take 65-S for about 2 hours, and that's where you'll find me. SKKY Dec 4 #55
Hey fellow Hoosier LittleGirl Dec 4 #50
Jeffersonville, In. right here... SKKY Dec 4 #56
Without Lies, the GQP has nothing tonekat Dec 3 #8
They are worthless period! noclue023 Dec 3 #19
I'll take "Conversations that never occurred for $500 please; Alex..." nt EarthFirst Dec 3 #9
Noone called them "Sir" mercuryblues Dec 3 #10
Bets that Comer never entered a Walmart over Thanksgiving break Freethinker65 Dec 3 #12
His butler has it. 😂 EOM Scottie Mom Dec 3 #38
Of all of the things that never happened Mad_Machine76 Dec 3 #13
Sort of like when W planted a fake story in the NYT Qutzupalotl Dec 3 #15
I'm pretty sure i know where Comer pulled that story from. ShazzieB Dec 3 #16
I imagine the conversation went like this: dobleremolque Dec 3 #17
Walmart was closed on Thanksgiving. sop Dec 3 #18
Maybe a Walmart near you was closed ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #73
No case for impeachment ever started with BaronChocula Dec 3 #20
Proof that the GOP lives in its own bubble world of reality. Yavin4 Dec 3 #22
Who told Comer that, area51 Dec 3 #23
How many different voices? LiberalFighter Dec 3 #25
I can hear conversations in my head ExWhoDoesntCare Dec 5 #74
Comer lies and lies. LiberalFighter Dec 3 #24
Liars for 2000, Alex. onecaliberal Dec 3 #26
So he said they were hearing their own lies repeated back to them? That's a lie Walleye Dec 3 #27
Fuck newsweek JohnSJ Dec 3 #28
You believe Comer's agitprop? He been promising stuff for months Bernardo de La Paz Dec 3 #29
It does Americans no good Mblaze Dec 3 #30
One moron at Walmart relayerbob Dec 3 #33
Walmart shopper IQs are running the country. This is not democracy. This is survival of the stupidest. /nt bucolic_frolic Dec 3 #34
Is this really "Latest Breaking News"?? Cadfael Dec 3 #35
It was on the front of the news page on Microsoft News Mad_Machine76 Dec 3 #45
Well, if you don't have a shred of evidence... calguy Dec 3 #36
These hypocrites n/t ejbr Dec 3 #37
The bullSHITbegan when New York gave their House seats to the Republicans tirebiter Dec 3 #39
Childish lies. hay rick Dec 3 #40
Biden rso Dec 3 #41
LOL Skittles Dec 3 #43
WTF is this idiot blathering about? barbtries Dec 3 #44
Again, hadEnuf Dec 3 #46
If they knew what for Mad_Machine76 Dec 4 #65
Walmart doesn't allow you to drive into their stores in your golf cart. usonian Dec 3 #47
The people of walmart have spoken... Bluethroughu Dec 3 #48
So that's all it takes to impeach? Afrocat Dec 4 #49
sure, bro Skittles Dec 4 #51
What doofuses Joinfortmill Dec 4 #52
What idiots republicans are. Dear God. mwb970 Dec 4 #57
A guy came up to me in Walmart. mwb970 Dec 4 #58
*SNORT* Skittles Dec 4 #72
Asking Walmart shoppers in a $7.25 minimum wage state. pwb Dec 4 #59
Huff Post: Comer Makes Walmart Comment That Draws Snickers From White House Spox riversedge Dec 4 #60
Like everything in Walmart,... 70sEraVet Dec 4 #61
A perfectly sane constituent Blue Owl Dec 4 #62
The Party of Photo Ops Owens Dec 4 #63
Why would what some constituents stated in a Walmart have any bearing andym Dec 4 #64
Comer mischaracterizes Hunter Biden car payment reimbursement to his dad Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 4 #68
I think Comer is actually dumber than Gohmert....at least in the 'name that sounds like Gomer' category prodigitalson Dec 4 #69
Because the measure of whether a president should be impeached Hope22 Dec 4 #70
Bull Shit smells better than this does. Ferrets are Cool Dec 5 #76
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