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The Steele dossier was right in 2016 Botany Jan 2024 #1
Nope. That's been debunked!11! progressoid Jan 2024 #12
Well he did tell me that Dr. Fauci was the real person behind C-19. Botany Jan 2024 #13
Does anyone notice that Fox and RW Radio pretty much never contradict Putin? GeoWilliam750 Jan 2024 #25
I'm sure there were and still are deep connections between Fox and Russia Botany Jan 2024 #31
And how does that amount differ from when Trump was not President? Freethinker65 Jan 2024 #2
And unfortunately the GOP and courts killed the Emoluments suits BumRushDaShow Jan 2024 #3
SCOTUS became SCROTUS -- Sick Corrupt Rightwingers Of The U.S. Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2024 #9
Wonder if somebody got a new half-million dollar RV, since $250,000 just doesn't go very far. Comfortably_Numb Jan 2024 #14
This line from the article makes no sense angrychair Jan 2024 #15
IOKIYAR Novara Jan 2024 #16
Unbelievable BULLSHIT! bluestarone Jan 2024 #28
GOP and Courts let the stranger in and then MOMFUDSKI Jan 2024 #27
So will 14th amendment charges be moot? Captain Zero Jan 2024 #32
Confirmation... 2naSalit Jan 2024 #4
So, let's investigate the Bidens ! sinkingfeeling Jan 2024 #5
Investigating the Bidens Dirty Socialist Jan 2024 #6
That's what Comer Pyle is saying. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jan 2024 #19
Okay, Democratic Election Machine, what are you going to do with this? SalamanderSleeps Jan 2024 #7
The 'Democratic Election Machine' is you ExWhoDoesntCare Jan 2024 #23
GOP - the hypocrisy runs deep. n/t SpankMe Jan 2024 #8
The Hypocrisy! Owens Jan 2024 #10
Those surprised raise your hand,,,, Pas-de-Calais Jan 2024 #11
It's not a surprise - we already knew this. But the details are STUNNING. Novara Jan 2024 #17
The point of the report is to hammer goppers as hypocrites BaronChocula Jan 2024 #18
WaPo article on the same Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jan 2024 #20
When they add the odd 2 billion in... Hope22 Jan 2024 #21
But what about Hunter????? zappaman Jan 2024 #22
Then there is this tidbit from the MF son trying to gaslight people........ turbinetree Jan 2024 #24
Sure Gums. sheshe2 Jan 2024 #26
That's all he is flapping gums......and he is a enabling traitor...... turbinetree Jan 2024 #37
Of course the trumps don't think they did anything wrong. It's just business as usual for the con family. captain queeg Jan 2024 #29
I should not have read this right before I go to bed. llmart Jan 2024 #30
And yet all those businesses are failing. chowmama Jan 2024 #33
With the nazis, it's always about projection. n/t area51 Jan 2024 #34
And the DOJ is silent. Wouldn't want to look political. 23-month grace period in effect. Hotler Jan 2024 #35
We've known this for a ,long time. I've been telling trumpers about CCP $ oldsoftie Jan 2024 #36
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