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28. If you're trying to prove Bigelow's a kook, that's a poor way of going about it
Wed Jan 31, 2024, 12:57 AM
Jan 2024

Most Americans believe in an afterlife. Eighty-one per cent. See study at Barna.

You could ridicule him for his beliefs in UFOs and get more traction.

Only one problem: you'd also have to throw in Senator Schumer and the late former Senator Harry Reid, too. There's actually a fairly good sized contingent of legislators who want to see if our government is spending money on reverse engineering of UFOs. This is from The Hill and the discussion is going on right now (the link on this story is today, Jan 30, 2024):


In July, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) announced extraordinary bipartisan legislation alleging that surreptitious government “legacy programs” are attempting to reverse-engineer exotic UFOs of “non-human” origin.

In stark contrast to Kirkpatrick’s claim that a “small group” is driving recent UFO-related developments, Schumer stated that a “vast web” of UFO whistleblowers and witnesses informed the eyebrow-raising legislation. Moreover, in remarkable comments on the Senate floor, Schumer cited “multiple credible sources” to allege that elements of the U.S. government have illegally withheld UFO-related information from Congress.

Far from holding an irrational “religious belief” in UFOs, as Kirkpatrick seems to suggest, key members of Congress are dead-set on forcing government transparency on a decades-long mystery. They should be commended and encouraged, not mocked as “true believers.”


I believe I know why Bigelow gave trump the million (it was for legal fees. Bigelow was a DeSantis advocate). It would be concerns over the Israel/Gaza situation. With Biden's latest accomplishments in that area, Bigelow might not have given trump that money; the article notes he gave it a while back.

To understand why he thinks this, you'd have to watch this documentary, available on FreeVee via Amazon Prime: "And Did They Listen?"

p.s. I know you won't watch, but others might. If anyone does watch, keep your ears open for what will happen if the US attacks Iran.

imbecile and traitor supporter - rapist supporter samsingh Jan 2024 #1
Good Grief! Rhiannon12866 Jan 2024 #2
Boycott Budget Suites of America! poli-junkie Jan 2024 #3
There is that good option. Why would anyone support his legal idiocy and the political? dutch777 Jan 2024 #7
How can one boycott where one doesn't stay? Kid Berwyn Jan 2024 #8
Budget Suites: yes, charge by the hour... Onthefly Jan 2024 #11
Have never heard of it, have you? Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2024 #18
No, but I looked them up jmowreader Jan 2024 #31
When I do travel, anything with budget in their name liberal N proud Jan 2024 #21
So does this get reported on his taxes? thecrow Jan 2024 #4
Bigelow is a kook Onthefly Jan 2024 #5
Thats why I don't stay at his hotels! lol n/t Cheezoholic Jan 2024 #6
If one of his "researchers" contacts the dead,... LudwigPastorius Jan 2024 #23
If you're trying to prove Bigelow's a kook, that's a poor way of going about it NJCher Jan 2024 #28
There's a sucker born everyday. nt Javaman Jan 2024 #9
Yep, I agree NJCher Jan 2024 #37
Something is fishy... jvill Jan 2024 #10
Nailed it! Besides 1 million...isn't going to even come close PortTack Jan 2024 #12
Yeah, at this point Farmer-Rick Jan 2024 #13
He doesn't. Read all legal fees so far have been covered by his Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2024 #20
Let's assume he really is worth $10B, which we know he isn't jmowreader Jan 2024 #33
Mighty oaks enid602 Jan 2024 #14
Never knew about his "hotels". tonekat Jan 2024 #15
Have never heard of Budget Suites America. And do travel Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2024 #16
Be thankful. LudwigPastorius Jan 2024 #24
I hope the IRS takes a close look at his tax returns FakeNoose Jan 2024 #17
Well, there's one hotel chain COL Mustard Jan 2024 #19
My first thought too SouthernDem4ever Jan 2024 #22
$1 million paid. $49 million to go. Kennah Jan 2024 #25
Sounds like a hostage note/shakedown. OAITW r.2.0 Jan 2024 #26
The new Mike Lindell. Bristlecone Jan 2024 #27
Really glad I never stayed at any Pas-de-Calais Jan 2024 #29
i wonder if his name is in the Epstein docs? johnnyfins Jan 2024 #30
This ugly pudgy clown is a big funder of Gov DeShitStain AND wolfie001 Jan 2024 #32
like I said in my post upthread NJCher Jan 2024 #38
That is a cheap tip on what he has reaped from tfgs tax cuts randr Jan 2024 #34
A guy with money to burn. What an idiot. Martin68 Jan 2024 #35
I wonder Cherokee100 Jan 2024 #36
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