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This message was self-deleted by its author RandySF Feb 16 #1
That's just what Ms. James has asked for nt leftieNanner Feb 16 #2
Less. former9thward Feb 16 #10
They havent said yet what the interest will be. getagrip_already Feb 16 #4
Over $400 million with interest avebury Feb 16 #54
MSNBC legal eagles said 9% interest. n/t iluvtennis Feb 16 #62
Compounded daily..... SergeStorms Feb 16 #84
They said angrychair Feb 16 #5
Three years for Trump. former9thward Feb 16 #9
3 years may not be enough. soldierant Feb 16 #75
Yes, but it creates a short-term crisis for them. yardwork Feb 17 #105
I'm not sure either of them would be much help. soldierant Feb 17 #113
Apparently $355 M. brooklynite Feb 16 #6
Trump Ordered to Pay Over $350 Million and Barred From New York Business swag Feb 16 #3
I like it Lulu KC Feb 16 #8
Just think: if Alina Habba had checked the "jury" box, things may have turned out differently. Go Habba, go! machoneman Feb 17 #104
Link to the court order: mahatmakanejeeves Feb 16 #7
Does "jointly and severally liable" mean that the family can say that the trust or organization pays it all muriel_volestrangler Feb 16 #20
Kind of jmowreader Feb 16 #44
HaHa!! smb Feb 16 #63
You get 2 hearts for that chart, SMB! SergeStorms Feb 16 #85
Baaahahahahaaaaa. Ty! electric_blue68 Feb 16 #97
Thoughts and prayers!!! shotten99 Feb 16 #11
yes, hit him again- harder nt et tu Feb 16 #58
This is wonderful.. bagimin Feb 16 #12
Putin killed Prigozhin and Navalny, so will Trump be the next "loose end"? Kennah Feb 16 #13
Don't tease me like that! birdographer Feb 16 #23
I can't believe Putin has let TFG and his family of goons live this long ffr Feb 16 #47
I think Pootie has other priorities at the moment. ShazzieB Feb 16 #76
If Trump doesn't manage to get back in the White House...... yardwork Feb 17 #106
No, T45 Karma is to live with a disability IbogaProject Feb 17 #112
Suspect as Eric said, we have all the money we need from Russia."9 Evolve Dammit Feb 16 #14
From the decision: mahatmakanejeeves Feb 16 #15
Covicted Felon. Such a nice sound. twodogsbarking Feb 16 #16
No Bernardo de La Paz Feb 16 #24
But the show ain't over yet. twodogsbarking Feb 16 #31
Honest question here: Orrex Feb 16 #89
Good question. "judged liable", "culpable"? "Guilty" might not be accurate Bernardo de La Paz Feb 16 #91
I do like the sound of "culpable" Orrex Feb 18 #116
that fraudulent fuck? Kali Feb 16 #94
Good and fitting, all. Orrex Feb 18 #117
legally culpable fraudster dementia j. loser niyad Feb 17 #115
I might actually start referring to him by that last part Orrex Feb 18 #118
Keith Olbermann has been calling him that for some time now. niyad Feb 18 #119
No, unfortunately not. This was a civil case. The criminal case is up on March 25th, unless the can's kicked down Texin Feb 16 #69
That's the ticket. twodogsbarking Feb 16 #74
That can 🥫 better not get kicked down the road! (Although I know he'll try.) ShazzieB Feb 16 #80
Close - an indicted felon (georgia case) onetexan Feb 16 #77
So I heard. twodogsbarking Feb 16 #78
This is really a decision that will cause a lot of pain... the company is restricted going forward getting loans LetMyPeopleVote Feb 16 #17
This one has to sting. honest.abe Feb 16 #18
Hide the ketchup LetMyPeopleVote Feb 16 #19
The KetchCon scale is full of win. 4lbs Feb 16 #56
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote Feb 16 #79
love it!!!! nt et tu Feb 16 #65
Next up: Chump sues Alina Habba for $355 mill - malpractice FakeNoose Feb 16 #21
All the decent lawyers.... SergeStorms Feb 16 #87
Baaahahahahaaaaa. That's Funny! Love him slamming the laptop on the desk. electric_blue68 Feb 17 #99
From the Washington Post: mahatmakanejeeves Feb 16 #22
WORLD'S BIGGEST LOSER! Novara Feb 16 #25
He got tired of winning all the time. sop Feb 16 #32
Not being able to borrow money will be devastating dlk Feb 16 #26
So what happens with Trump Tower NY? live love laugh Feb 16 #27
Yes, I need to know runnergirl Feb 16 #51
NYC should turn it into a migrant shelter MichMan Feb 17 #103
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Judge and all who helped with this and also twodogsbarking Feb 16 #28
I was hoping for a billion-dollar fine and a lifetime ban DavidDvorkin Feb 16 #29
not be a billion, but it will severely restrict his ability, and his grifting kids to do business in NY, or anywhere PortTack Feb 16 #42
I was hoping for the Chair! But, then again, I ain't no lawyer. PTL_Mancuso Feb 17 #108
I'd pay to see that. DavidDvorkin Feb 17 #110
Fantastic news! StarryNite Feb 16 #30
Trump civil fraud trial live updates: Judge fines Trump $354 million The former president was found to have defrauded l riversedge Feb 16 #33
"So much winning!" WestMichRad Feb 16 #34
yah, winning is unbearable Roc2020 Feb 16 #72
Loser! mcar Feb 16 #35
Just in time for some Trump Tower and Mar-a-lago Spring Community Garage Sales! Rhiagel Feb 16 #36
Wonder if they will sell the toilets BlueKota Feb 16 #68
Rapists and fraudsters. And here we thought they were just ordinary republlican Grifters. ffr Feb 16 #37
$543 mil is what Trump needs for appeal of this case Jarqui Feb 16 #38
Nothing a couple of flash drives won't cover. Beachnutt Feb 16 #71
Wonder how many times the Shitty grifter has re-thought that decision to run for President. Comfortably_Numb Feb 16 #40
This is getting interesting. What will the Trump clan do now? twodogsbarking Feb 16 #41
I love the fact Donny Jr. and Eric can't do business in NY State for two years. ificandream Feb 16 #43
Well, THAT just preempted local news nitpicked Feb 16 #45
Yay ! Yay ! Yay! FailureToCommunicate Feb 16 #46
Well that just preempted local news nitpicked Feb 16 #48
Bwah! I actually get this - I was staying overnight in DC back in Dec '93 bc... electric_blue68 Feb 17 #98
I wonder how much it is with the interest included? LiberalFighter Feb 16 #49
Someone else on another thread estimated it at another 100M. honest.abe Feb 16 #52
Alarms should be going off at IRS about now. How much has TFG defrauded U.S. Taxpayers? ffr Feb 16 #50
Yes. I know his businesses are conplex TexasBushwhacker Feb 16 #67
Congress is just as responsible for deficit spending MichMan Feb 17 #111
the republican Congress under TFG is just as responsible for deficit spending ffr Feb 18 #120
I'm guessing there'll be a social posting tsunami tonight. padah513 Feb 16 #53
Still the MAGA will love him. liberal N proud Feb 16 #55
Let them love him all they want. 😠 ShazzieB Feb 16 #86
Can Melania or Ivanka take over the businesses? chowder66 Feb 16 #57
They run away from the smelly con artist as fast as they can... Justice matters. Feb 16 #61
So will the MSM polls finally change ArizonaLib Feb 16 #59
I hope he the orange guy tom_kelly Feb 16 #60
Not enough !! flying-skeleton Feb 16 #64
so much winning! mike_c Feb 16 #66
Good! Wicked Blue Feb 16 #70
It's on the high end of what was asked for by the DA Warpy Feb 16 #73
Three years isn't enough. Grumpy Old Guy Feb 16 #81
So he's banned from doing business in NY and so are his sons. llmart Feb 16 #82
Question? BlueKota Feb 16 #83
Seeing that most everything he owns (technically) is highly leveraged... Mr. Evil Feb 16 #88
Of course Sailingdiver Feb 16 #90
I wish the IRS would go after him, but they probably think that's "too political" even though catbyte Feb 16 #92
A bit too big for Go Fund Me, what say Donny? KY_EnviroGuy Feb 16 #93
No pity CountAllVotes Feb 16 #95
And I STILL hear the spawn referred as "his boys", even on MSNBC BigmanPigman Feb 16 #96
This was top of the 8PM local news in L.A., and it was TERRIFIC! No BS, just the truth, for once. C Moon Feb 17 #100
Couple of questions: Aussie105 Feb 17 #101
lets see how long ol kimberly sticks with djtj once hes broke... samnsara Feb 17 #102
Kick. N/T Upthevibe Feb 17 #107
Justice delayed is just as delicious. nt Xipe Totec Feb 17 #109
Was hoping for the business "death penalty", but little victories are good too. On to the next trial, asshole. OverBurn Feb 17 #114
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