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Why is it any GOP efforts towards law always leads to further disorder ... marble falls Feb 20 #1
Damn. It's not right. Strength to the family & friends electric_blue68 Feb 20 #2
Daughter attends okstate. Keeps her views quiet Pas-de-Calais Feb 20 #3
The entire legislature and the lobbyists dickthegrouch Feb 20 #4
I know that LGBT+ is not recognized as protected like race but can you think of another way "they" can be Maraya1969 Feb 21 #53
This just makes me ill maxrandb Feb 20 #5
The authorities haven't yet charged those responsible for this attack. sop Feb 20 #6
Our country is being ripped to shreads!! bluestarone Feb 20 #7
Oklahoma is one of the reddest states in the country. sellitman Feb 20 #8
I believe it's the only state in the country where Obama didn't carry a single district in 2008 or 2012 AdamGG Feb 21 #31
I thought Oklahoma City is blue? Elessar Zappa Feb 21 #42
It surprised me when I heard it reported in 2008, but AdamGG Feb 21 #48
I lived there for 7 years róisín_dubh Feb 23 #59
This is just heartbreaking Demobrat Feb 20 #9
whoever did this to nex should be charged...and if they haven't been charged why is the school protecting dawn5651 Feb 20 #10
Because most of the press here is withholding the truth. KatyaR Feb 20 #12
my heart goes out to nexs family dawn5651 Feb 21 #47
No words, just 😿😢 ShazzieB Feb 20 #11
'Rising above it' accomplishes nothing Wicked Blue Feb 20 #13
I'd rise above it vercetti2021 Feb 20 #24
I wish I could have done that Wicked Blue Feb 21 #39
I was bullied I_UndergroundPanther Feb 21 #38
The victim was an enrolled Cherokee tribesperson pfitz59 Feb 20 #14
Given the way the state government moniss Feb 20 #17
These people who are supposed to be so pro-life..... 70sEraVet Feb 20 #15
This is my High School DVRacer Feb 20 #16
I couldn't see your link. Chellee Feb 20 #18
Update DVRacer Feb 20 #20
"a staff member who was supervising outside of the restroom" bucolic_frolic Feb 21 #37
Do you live in Owasso? sunflowerseed Feb 21 #52
I live in Broken Arrow DVRacer Feb 21 #54
Wow. That's some world class CYA happening there. Demobrat Feb 20 #22
Yeah! They must have completed BS400 level classes already. Wonder Why Feb 20 #25
I bet those who assaulted them won't be charged as adults, either. sybylla Feb 20 #19
according to another article - cab67 Feb 20 #21
fight equals ambush n/t ejbr Feb 20 #23
Ugh! Chi67 Feb 20 #26
By now, the cops know EndlessWire Feb 21 #27
Once again, the 14th Amendment's "equal protection of the laws" is ignored. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 21 #28
In case you haven't noticed Chi67 Feb 21 #32
Assault with intent to kill: DFW Feb 21 #29
Outrageous. area51 Feb 21 #30
Yep Chi67 Feb 21 #33
Trying to out-Texas Texas and.... KY_EnviroGuy Feb 21 #34
Oklahoma surpassed TX and FL years ago TxGuitar Feb 21 #36
Woah. Yeah, I know it was more a red State than not but wow! electric_blue68 Feb 21 #57
How about we restrict this unspeakable tragedy to the state where it happened? Paladin Feb 21 #40
Awful!!! LeftInTX Feb 21 #41
I hope his/her mother sues the school and the governor Novara Feb 21 #43
Her grandmother adopted her when she was very young TexasBushwhacker Feb 21 #45
This is the goal dlk Feb 21 #44
I don't like the word "fight" at all angrychair Feb 21 #46
Absolutely horrible. Abolishinist Feb 21 #49
I know it's not the same, but Ohioboy Feb 21 #50
I've been on a long mission to visit all 50 states and will complete my tour in September with five OMGWTF Feb 21 #51
Local update 2/21 DVRacer Feb 21 #55
Horrific! And this Chaya "person" is some piece of work. Strength to Nex's family & friends electric_blue68 Feb 21 #56
Update appears to indicate suicide Zeitghost Feb 21 #58
Ugh! Chi67 Feb 23 #60
If true, JCWTF... sakabatou Feb 23 #62
Sadly I wonder if Nex would have been safer in the boys' bathroom marshall Feb 23 #61
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