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25. "How dare you challenge the source of our lies!"
Sat Mar 2, 2024, 11:13 AM
Mar 2

The GOP once again pulls out their Roy Cohn script: Push back, interfere, cast doubt, and destroy credibility.

They already know.......................... Lovie777 Mar 1 #1
Exactly. They just want to know how much THE FBI knows. peppertree Mar 2 #28
Is this also illegal and unconstitutional? ananda Mar 1 #2
This is an active criminal case, so I do not see the FBI releasing any information IMHO riversedge Mar 1 #12
We're seeing a pattern here. Mr.Bill Mar 2 #36
The Rethugs are all about obstructing DOJ investigations gohuskies Mar 1 #3
Their only MO is trying to discredit law enforcement to cover up their crimes. SouthernDem4ever Mar 2 #34
Can I just say I don't give a rat's ass about ANYTHING Republicans "demand"? calimary Mar 1 #4
It's all bluster at this point... 2naSalit Mar 1 #10
This orangecrush Mar 2 #31
Here's the info: he's a liar and a Russian asset. And you Republicans are enablers of Putin's minions. emulatorloo Mar 1 #5
🏆 underpants Mar 1 #6
Did they stamp their little feet and threaten to hold their breath? Maeve Mar 1 #7
Pound sand, Gymmy-Boy. lastlib Mar 1 #8
Sporkfoot. SergeStorms Mar 1 #17
They just want to know if they're at risk. C_U_L8R Mar 1 #9
Their exposure has to freak them out. rubbersole Mar 1 #11
They were given all the information they needed NJCher Mar 1 #13
They knew be fore they made this demand. They are asking as if nothing had been said at all. Ford_Prefect Mar 1 #14
Hey, House GOP, here's your Catch-22. 4lbs Mar 1 #15
After Gym fesses up about what he knew about the OSU team doctor Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Mar 1 #16
Ooh, I hope they pursue this avenue of investigation. Martin68 Mar 1 #18
Gouliani had and has (past/present) many enablers at the NYC FBI wolfie001 Mar 2 #19
ignore these traitors samsingh Mar 2 #20
Thus the expression "egg on their faces". twodogsbarking Mar 2 #21
Yes, now the paranoia twists yet again, a Deep State plant to snooker their stupid ass brains bucolic_frolic Mar 2 #22
Wait ... so they didn't vet him?? ificandream Mar 2 #23
Republicans want to interfere in yet another ongoing criminal investigation. Midnight Writer Mar 2 #24
"How dare you challenge the source of our lies!" Zambero Mar 2 #25
They relied on a witness they knew to be unreliable. Ocelot II Mar 2 #26
They want to know... relayerbob Mar 2 #27
enough. havent yall done enough? how much more are u going to waste our money. AllaN01Bear Mar 2 #29
Tell you what House traitors Traildogbob Mar 2 #30
Folks, enjoy the show! FakeNoose Mar 2 #32
No Dice bpj62 Mar 2 #33
NO!! PortTack Mar 2 #35
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