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24. I hope these States just deny students help individually
Tue Apr 9, 2024, 08:52 PM
Apr 9

somehow and the students kick them out. They need an uprising voter revolt.

If this is Federal, not State money, how do they even have standing to sue. bullimiami Apr 9 #1
To them, it doesn't seem to matter BumRushDaShow Apr 9 #4
There was one claim that if the loans were forgiven AZSkiffyGeek Apr 9 #6
Missouri has standing because its Department of Education is one of the largest student loan servicers. Our son's 24601 Apr 9 #10
It aggravates me that nobody has asked the schools to stop ridiculous tuition prices. jimfields33 Apr 9 #13
But they will get paid off. No damage to them. bullimiami Apr 9 #16
There are two financial damages that provide a path to standing. The first is eliminating interest to zero, thereby 24601 Apr 9 #19
Which Was A Bullshit Way To Rig It... GB_RN Apr 9 #23
Precedent no longer matters to this SCOTUS. bucolic_frolic Apr 10 #37
Law is no longer a thing the Supremes really care about Farmer-Rick Apr 10 #41
Reality no longer matters to this SCOTUS kwijybo Apr 10 #44
MOHELA Is The Servicer... GB_RN Apr 9 #22
It's far worse than "Can't be helping anyone out. Gotta ... KPN Apr 10 #34
But, does the forgiveness of loans cost Missouri any money? TomSlick Apr 9 #25
Where do you think the fed money comes from? oldsoftie Apr 10 #38
the breathless hyperbole, makes them sound like the idiots... bahboo Apr 9 #2
the enormous harm of some of their residents getting debt relief. Voltaire2 Apr 9 #3
...on behalf of the downtrodden, impoverished... dchill Apr 9 #5
how does this fix roads and ect? are these red states? if so gee. AllaN01Bear Apr 9 #7
misery elleng Apr 9 #26
But we can shoulder the massive tax breaks for the wealthy and huge subsidies to oil companies? Autumn Apr 9 #8
Ding ding ding PortTack Apr 9 #18
+1! SalamanderSleeps Apr 10 #39
And the cost of the industrial military complex. n/t. airplaneman Apr 9 #31
Yep...my first thought when seeing the article......... Bengus81 Apr 11 #46
Wow, surprise surprise. All 7 are *RED* states. 4lbs Apr 9 #9
What idiotic state would interfere with young citizens - the ones who work and achieve-- viva la Apr 9 #11
One party seeks to provide, the other seeks to deny. Y'all know which is which. twodogsbarking Apr 9 #12
Those 7 states have a lot of families that are struggling with tuition bills FakeNoose Apr 9 #14
Biden's already been shot down on this issue once by the courts. maxsolomon Apr 9 #15
Don't accept the RW framing of the issue BumRushDaShow Apr 9 #17
I don't even know what the RW framing is. maxsolomon Apr 9 #20
The "framing" of them "claiming" and ASSuming that what is being implemented now BumRushDaShow Apr 9 #21
But if a President has the power the right wing says he should have, how dare they object? raging moderate Apr 9 #28
Blame, but it won't matter Polybius Apr 9 #30
I hope these States just deny students help individually PlutosHeart Apr 9 #24
Funny they don't seem to think it's a problem when they ask us to pay subsidies and tax incentives for businesses imaginary girl Apr 9 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author KPN Apr 10 #35
Oh, BS azureblue Apr 9 #29
Nothing says republican like wasting tax dollars on lawsuits to stop people from recieving debt relief. Galraedia Apr 9 #32
How DARE you try to get out serfs out of debt! Bucky Apr 10 #33
How can they stop him? Old Crank Apr 10 #36
Republican Party is only happy when working people are disadvantaged. Passages Apr 10 #40
The solution seems simple to me Farmer-Rick Apr 10 #42
I am in the SAVE program Johnny2X2X Apr 10 #43
I believe average Americans deserve the same breaks NanaCat Apr 11 #45
This is so vindictive and infuriating. elena92 Apr 11 #47
They haven't gotten away with anything. They are in the FA section of FAFO. marble falls Apr 12 #48
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