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9. Rep. Bulso shouldn't expend his energy on this,...
Thu Apr 11, 2024, 05:20 PM
Apr 2024

wait for the real fight in his state, Mother/Fathers marrying their son/daughters....

Why do I think this guy must be married to his first cousin? LOL. Vinca Apr 2024 #1
I hope the hell Traildogbob Apr 2024 #2
Per wiki, he has at least 2 marital daughters and 2 sons. Hard to tell if his wife is a 1st cousin, but she had a Backseat Driver Apr 2024 #7
the story of that fertility doctor is insane prodigitalson Apr 2024 #37
My first thought. Noe I wonder if there is more than one. twodogsbarking Apr 2024 #4
This message was self-deleted by its author Marthe48 Apr 2024 #11
That would be his parents? Marthe48 Apr 2024 #12
Perhaps he's a product of one. "See, I turned out all right!" OAITW r.2.0 Apr 2024 #16
I get the feeling his family tree is Jerry2144 Apr 2024 #26
The shallow end of the gene pool. nt Dulcinea Apr 2024 #46
...."Jernigan said marriage remains legal in Tennessee to this day due to a 1960 decision by Tennessee's attorney genera riversedge Apr 2024 #3
I bet those two reps have some excellent banjo players amongst their constituency prodigitalson Apr 2024 #38
He does have one good point. padfun Apr 2024 #5
Yes, that struck me too. soldierant Apr 2024 #29
First cousins are as close as grandparents/grandchildren prodigitalson Apr 2024 #39
Imagine picking that political hill to die on... wildeyed Apr 2024 #6
LOL jesus. 617Blue Apr 2024 #40
Love is love. Mawspam2 Apr 2024 #8
You could make the same argument for brother and sister Random Boomer Apr 2024 #10
"were often allowed throughout history." soldierant Apr 2024 #30
The haemophillia came from Queen Victoria canetoad Apr 2024 #33
Exactly. Thanks for the details. soldierant Apr 2024 #44
That is what the royalty did throughout history; keep it in the family peacebuzzard Apr 2024 #42
Rep. Bulso shouldn't expend his energy on this,... Dan Apr 2024 #9
No, Senator, you cannot make your family tree look like a tumbleweed a ArkansasDemocrat1 Apr 2024 #13
Let's ask Jeff Foxworthy... OldBaldy1701E Apr 2024 #15
Incredible how the Republican idea of going back to the 19th century holds water with these idiots. ificandream Apr 2024 #14
If cousins don't fight against cousin marriage ban, who will? Beastly Boy Apr 2024 #17
Cue the "Dueling Banjos" theme for "Deliverance." Martin68 Apr 2024 #18
You do know it's legal in some progressive states, yeah? EllieBC Apr 2024 #23
Not that I approve, soldierant Apr 2024 #31
I didn't know that. I stand corrected. Martin68 Apr 2024 #45
Bumper Sticker Seen in Tennessee Blue Streak Science Apr 2024 #19
Great old song, lol catbyte Apr 2024 #24
This coulda wiped out a huge chunk of the Republican dominance in the legislature. mpcamb Apr 2024 #20
You can't make this up. liberal N proud Apr 2024 #21
It's legal in California. EllieBC Apr 2024 #22
And Shelbyville Manhattan cries rpannier Apr 2024 #25
Well . . . AverageOldGuy Apr 2024 #27
But it's still okay for brothers and sisters to marry, right? Ligyron Apr 2024 #28
Wait! H2O Man Apr 2024 #32
Inbreeding often has tragic consequences. Oopsie Daisy Apr 2024 #34
My ex-GF married her 1st cousin in Alabama. In 2014. oldsoftie Apr 2024 #35
LGBTQ first cousins can't prodigitalson Apr 2024 #36
They only lost because some of their supporters wanted it extended to sisters, too. Wonder Why Apr 2024 #41
FYI, here's a map showing whuch states allow first cousins to marry. ShazzieB Apr 2024 #43
This doesn't fit the narrative!!! EllieBC Apr 2024 #47
LOL! ShazzieB Apr 2024 #48
California and Massachusetts allow it whereas Arkansas and Mississippi do not prodigitalson Apr 2024 #49
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