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33. The haemophillia came from Queen Victoria
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 04:27 AM
Apr 12

The obviously didn't have it herself but she was a carrier. It's unknown if any previous member of her family had it.

She had nine children - five daughters and four sons. At least one son was a haemophiliac. The second oldest daughter, Princess Alice was mother to Alix, the last Tsarina of Russia whose son Alexei was haemophilliac.

Victoria is called "The Grandmother of Europe" because eight of her nine children married other European royalty who happily continued to marry relatives both close and distant, in the name of keeping it in the family. This is the origin of haemophillia in Europe's royal houses.

Why do I think this guy must be married to his first cousin? LOL. Vinca Apr 11 #1
I hope the hell Traildogbob Apr 11 #2
Per wiki, he has at least 2 marital daughters and 2 sons. Hard to tell if his wife is a 1st cousin, but she had a Backseat Driver Apr 11 #7
the story of that fertility doctor is insane prodigitalson Apr 12 #37
My first thought. Noe I wonder if there is more than one. twodogsbarking Apr 11 #4
This message was self-deleted by its author Marthe48 Apr 11 #11
That would be his parents? Marthe48 Apr 11 #12
Perhaps he's a product of one. "See, I turned out all right!" OAITW r.2.0 Apr 11 #16
I get the feeling his family tree is Jerry2144 Apr 11 #26
The shallow end of the gene pool. nt Dulcinea Apr 13 #46
...."Jernigan said marriage remains legal in Tennessee to this day due to a 1960 decision by Tennessee's attorney genera riversedge Apr 11 #3
I bet those two reps have some excellent banjo players amongst their constituency prodigitalson Apr 12 #38
He does have one good point. padfun Apr 11 #5
Yes, that struck me too. soldierant Apr 12 #29
First cousins are as close as grandparents/grandchildren prodigitalson Apr 12 #39
Imagine picking that political hill to die on... wildeyed Apr 11 #6
LOL jesus. 617Blue Apr 12 #40
Love is love. Mawspam2 Apr 11 #8
You could make the same argument for brother and sister Random Boomer Apr 11 #10
"were often allowed throughout history." soldierant Apr 12 #30
The haemophillia came from Queen Victoria canetoad Apr 12 #33
Exactly. Thanks for the details. soldierant Apr 12 #44
That is what the royalty did throughout history; keep it in the family peacebuzzard Apr 12 #42
Rep. Bulso shouldn't expend his energy on this,... Dan Apr 11 #9
No, Senator, you cannot make your family tree look like a tumbleweed a ArkansasDemocrat1 Apr 11 #13
Let's ask Jeff Foxworthy... OldBaldy1701E Apr 11 #15
Incredible how the Republican idea of going back to the 19th century holds water with these idiots. ificandream Apr 11 #14
If cousins don't fight against cousin marriage ban, who will? Beastly Boy Apr 11 #17
Cue the "Dueling Banjos" theme for "Deliverance." Martin68 Apr 11 #18
You do know it's legal in some progressive states, yeah? EllieBC Apr 11 #23
Not that I approve, soldierant Apr 12 #31
I didn't know that. I stand corrected. Martin68 Apr 12 #45
Bumper Sticker Seen in Tennessee Blue Streak Science Apr 11 #19
Great old song, lol catbyte Apr 11 #24
This coulda wiped out a huge chunk of the Republican dominance in the legislature. mpcamb Apr 11 #20
You can't make this up. liberal N proud Apr 11 #21
It's legal in California. EllieBC Apr 11 #22
And Shelbyville Manhattan cries rpannier Apr 11 #25
Well . . . AverageOldGuy Apr 12 #27
But it's still okay for brothers and sisters to marry, right? Ligyron Apr 12 #28
Wait! H2O Man Apr 12 #32
Inbreeding often has tragic consequences. Oopsie Daisy Apr 12 #34
My ex-GF married her 1st cousin in Alabama. In 2014. oldsoftie Apr 12 #35
LGBTQ first cousins can't prodigitalson Apr 12 #36
They only lost because some of their supporters wanted it extended to sisters, too. Wonder Why Apr 12 #41
FYI, here's a map showing whuch states allow first cousins to marry. ShazzieB Apr 12 #43
This doesn't fit the narrative!!! EllieBC Apr 13 #47
LOL! ShazzieB Apr 13 #48
California and Massachusetts allow it whereas Arkansas and Mississippi do not prodigitalson Apr 15 #49
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