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Marjorie Taylor Greene begins effort to remove House speaker LetMyPeopleVote May 8 #1
I don't think she's going to get very far with this wryter2000 May 8 #2
They will vote to table it BumRushDaShow May 8 #4
If dems dont back him, he can only lose 1 vote... getagrip_already May 8 #7
The House just killed it 359-43 BumRushDaShow May 8 #12
Even the Repubs are tired of her endless crap. nt Dulcinea May 8 #19
Obviously they truly are...do ya think she gets that now? PortTack May 8 #22
Doubtful. She seems pretty dense Attilatheblond May 8 #26
She gets lots of press and attention for her bs happybird May 8 #29
... BumRushDaShow May 8 #3
Oh lordy, you may have called up BoBo to assist the MT one! Hermit-The-Prog May 8 #5
I'm sure she will be right there BumRushDaShow May 8 #9
They actually used the word trigger BaronChocula May 8 #6
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote May 8 #8
Just this week, Mike Johnson vowed to use congress to get Trumps criminal cases thown out. Please Dems don't save him. Westcoast4life May 8 #10
Welcome to DU - A MAGATs worst nigtmare orangecrush May 8 #15
The House just killed it. Headline/article change BumRushDaShow May 8 #11
"Republican Speaker Mike Johnson has aided and abetted the Democrats" Traurigkeit May 8 #13
She has an odd way of saying 'committed governance' Attilatheblond May 8 #27
The dam has broken orangecrush May 8 #14
oooooh that's gotta hurt!! bluestarone May 8 #16
MTG: I run this place! Aussie105 May 8 #17
That's exactly what this was about. It had nothing to do with support for or confidence in Mike Johnson. KPN May 9 #36
If the @gophouse had any decency in them, they would vote to kick her out of the House. riversedge May 8 #18
Eat 💩 Madge edbermac May 8 #20
Loser! 50 Shades Of Blue May 8 #21
IMHO She's a clown. n/t Jacson6 May 8 #23
Glad Marge loses, BlueKota May 8 #24
johson always looks like he just got back from partying with clay shaw and david ferri in jfk prodigitalson May 8 #25
How it started, how it's going LetMyPeopleVote May 8 #28
now I hope bible thumper MJ takes out the trash lapfog_1 May 8 #30
Just to be clear the reason this failed is because Dems refused to vote with MTG. honest.abe May 8 #31
Why can't they get rid of her? OverBurn May 8 #33
MTG was genuinely PO'ed when she was booed. JohnnyRingo May 9 #34
Yeah, she's not much different than the trumpster himself. The ultimate narcissist. KPN May 9 #37
Didn't she just blue-wave May 9 #35
I wonder if it has anything to do with Johnson. JohnnyRingo May 9 #38
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