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44. They'll probably start a countdown clock now
Wed May 15, 2024, 03:26 PM
May 15

They'll hype this debate like it's the super bowl and put all the pressure on Biden to be perfect.

And most Americans probably won't watch because they don't have cable anymore.

This will be a battle of wits Jerry2144 May 15 #1
One has wits, evolves May 15 #27
😂 Traildogbob May 15 #33
rofl Joinfortmill May 15 #35
This will battle of wits... vs half-wit 4139 May 15 #38
The old joke Deminpenn May 15 #42
I do believe the more appropriate description NanaCat May 15 #50
This is going to be good. Biden has so much material. jimfields33 May 15 #2
I doubt very much.... SergeStorms May 15 #48
The OP made it clear that TSF has accepted NanaCat May 15 #51
So, you're going to accept Trump and his "word?" SergeStorms May 31 #62
Does CNN allow parolees to debate? It's a possibly relevant question. ./nt bucolic_frolic May 15 #3
With an ankle bracelet. Funtatlaguy May 15 #9
Nuts. I no longer watch CNN. Won't change now Raven123 May 15 #4
links says it will be done with no audience present. n/t thesquanderer May 15 #21
Say what?.......................... Lovie777 May 15 #28
Thank you. If that is true, I will reconsider! Raven123 May 15 #37
MUST HAVE: a kill switch for the microphones BoRaGard May 15 #5
Better be strict microphone cutoffs if Trump does not follow the rules Owens May 15 #6
Better have strict rules and microphone turned off it going over the time limit Owens May 15 #7
TSF is on board for an early debate...he wants to do it before his waning mental capacity gets too obvious captain queeg May 15 #8
It's 100% possible to control the Mic, BUT bluestarone May 15 #10
TSF should have to wear a shock collar NanaCat May 15 #52
Crap I hate hearing President Biden mucifer May 15 #11
I'll believe it when I see it. FalloutShelter May 15 #12
First thing I thought about BumRushDaShow May 15 #14
LOL FalloutShelter May 15 #15
I remember it happening back in middle/junior high BumRushDaShow May 15 #20
I think everyone went to that school NanaCat May 15 #53
At my High School it was MOMFUDSKI May 15 #18
At the flagpole. FalloutShelter May 15 #56
I don't see it happening birdographer May 15 #26
I agree. FalloutShelter May 15 #29
Trump will back out. hay rick May 15 #13
I agree. I already heard the Hate Radio Talkers this AM making excuses for TFG to back out. Midnight Writer May 15 #36
Along with the mic cutoff switch they best have a team of real fact checkers rurallib May 15 #16
This should be fun Bayard May 15 #17
Which right wing groupie will MOMFUDSKI May 15 #19
Webcam from Trump's prison cell IronLionZion May 15 #22
Good to know NanaCat May 15 #55
If the debates have an audience, I won't waste my time watching the media circus, with the cheers and boos JohnSJ May 15 #23
Strongly suspect VonShitzenPanz will Enoki33 May 15 #24
Why so early? Polybius May 15 #25
It's before the conventions BumRushDaShow May 15 #30
But what about all the times they happened in September and October? Polybius May 15 #60
Every Presidential cycle is different as the STATES control the primary election dates BumRushDaShow May 16 #61
Inquiring minds want to know... CincyDem May 15 #31
Trump will find an excuse to pull out, most likely saying it's fixed, or they've given Biden questions Doodley May 15 #32
Until he walks out on the stage, I wont believe he's going to show up... Mark.b2 May 15 #58
Yep. Similarly, he boasted that he wanted to testify in court. Of course, that was BS too. Doodley May 15 #59
Is Trump going to debate from prison? Asking for America. Joinfortmill May 15 #34
I have ZERO confidence CNN is capable of producing anything but a carnival sideshow ... Auggie May 15 #39
You're probably right. But there's always a possibility that somebody in a position of responsibility will care. jaxexpat May 15 #41
They'll probably start a countdown clock now liberalmediaaddict May 15 #44
IMO they'll finger Biden on inflation and immigration, forcing him into a defensive posture Auggie May 15 #46
Time to accuse criminal-defendant hitler2 wannabe of putting women's lives in danger... Justice matters. May 15 #40
This will be painful to watch liberalmediaaddict May 15 #43
Is the CNN debate considered the first of the two debates? Talitha May 15 #45
Yes - I heard on my local radio news station this afternoon that this is the 1st and ABC is doing the 2nd one BumRushDaShow May 15 #47
Thanks! Talitha May 15 #49
My daughter's birthday!!! elleng May 15 #54
Trump should be in shackles on tv. LiberalFighter May 15 #57
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