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Might need to check out Devin Nunes' cow. GregariousGroundhog May 20 #1
Nunes is milking the Truth Social cow but the only thing coming out is putrid sour milk. magicarpet May 20 #6
Hey Devin, merge Truth Social with your one dairy cow. rubbersole May 20 #15
That joke is an udder disgrace (NT) Otto_Harper May 21 #34
It cud be worse. rubbersole May 21 #35
There is an investor in Trump's businesses born every minute. Midnight Writer May 20 #2
$48 per share close today. Market cap of $6.6 billion mn9driver May 20 #3
I think there is some big money (Saudi?) that pumps up the stock every so often Bernardo de La Paz May 20 #10
Revenue going down, expenses and loss soaring. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz May 20 #4
It's Doturds' business model!!!! AZ8theist May 20 #17
-$327.6 Million?!?! GB_RN May 20 #5
When companies have substantial losses in a quarter they tend to load up the losses Bernardo de La Paz May 20 #11
Oh, Yeah... GB_RN May 21 #27
This may be one of American Finance's greatest grifting wolfie001 May 20 #7
Showing Elon how it's done! DJ Porkchop May 20 #8
Come on. Do you think they opened an office? jmowreader May 21 #36
Sounds like at least $770K too much... RockRaven May 20 #9
What optimism! Sounds like a plan... Get me another 10,000 shares. keithbvadu2 May 20 #12
How many shares has Jared purchased/invested in with his Saudi billions? keithbvadu2 May 20 #13
Time for Lara to do some more shaking of the RNC's couch cushions. 4lbs May 20 #14
So where did the $300 million go? Diraven May 20 #16
No kidding. Probatim May 20 #18
Watch it nosedive after he loses the election. NBachers May 20 #19
The company is not viable Picaro May 20 #20
In a normal Universe, it would be delisted already relayerbob May 20 #23
This price means really nothing, they're a nothing security. ybbor May 20 #21
Dang! and here I was thinking about investing... PatrickforB May 20 #22
Let's be honest . . . . SarcasticSatyr May 20 #24
But I made sooo much money in... Mawspam2 May 21 #25
Going forward, Dogecoin has more upside Best_man23 May 21 #29
lol BlueWaveNeverEnd May 21 #26
One new detail: operating loss only $12,100,000 Bernardo de La Paz May 21 #28
Hey MAGAts, its BUY, BUY. BUY time! Best_man23 May 21 #30
Hey, Donald... you're such a loser. Oopsie Daisy May 21 #31
Every thing Scumpf touches, he destroys. Kid Berwyn May 21 #32
DJT, the stock, is essentially an election prediciton market mathematic May 21 #33
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