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This should be good Raven123 May 31 #1
Had hoped to see you whip out the BumRushDaShow May 31 #14
I'm all out Raven123 May 31 #43
What the heck, put some caramel on mine! louis-t May 31 #45
LOL BumRushDaShow May 31 #46
😄😄😄 👍 electric_blue68 May 31 #65
I'll make enough for everyone ArkansasDemocrat1 May 31 #68
I used to love the Corporate Gift Canisters of Popcorn: plain, caramel, and cheese! electric_blue68 May 31 #64
So he has an age problem? returnee May 31 #2
I honestly thought this was satire. Freethinker65 May 31 #3
shithole is privileged RWer asshole...................... Lovie777 May 31 #4
LOLOLOL EarlG May 31 #5
Not to mention months and months (years?) robbob May 31 #39
If he's too old and frail to go to jail, no_hypocrisy May 31 #6
Isn't that sparkeyd53 May 31 #60
He can't enter a bunch of countries now ArkansasDemocrat1 May 31 #69
Wish he'd have to leave this one BlueKota May 31 #73
This isn't the "he did nothing wrong" approach. Harker May 31 #7
And Also Convicted Felon Trump Jerry2144 May 31 #8
Double-checking to see if this is from the Onion,,,, KarenS May 31 #9
The fact that he is campaigning for President at his age should be used as evidence that he can withstand jail time. ColinC May 31 #10
Hogwash. If he's fit enough to run for president he's fit enough for jail onetexan May 31 #11
and we will let him serve more than two terms in jail rurallib May 31 #35
😂 good one. onetexan May 31 #36
I agree with one Texan- that was a ba-da-boom zinger! Prof. Toru Tanaka Jun 1 #76
The man is the biggest criminal who took part in the biggest criminal operation in American history. Botany May 31 #12
Blanche has already done enough damage to himself, you's think he'd know enough to shut up. n/t Raven May 31 #13
It's coming from shithole................... Lovie777 May 31 #15
Alan weiselberg is 76 years old..... getagrip_already May 31 #16
Weisselberg is doing time for his boss' crimes FakeNoose May 31 #52
Duke Cunningham atreides1 May 31 #17
How insulting to the most cognitive, most mentally fit person on earth. (Just ask him) sinkingfeeling May 31 #18
Judge should ask him SomedayKindaLove May 31 #62
"If other 77 year old offenders would never be sent to prison".....blah, blah, blah Firestorm49 May 31 #19
'Lock her up' chants did not worry about her age. keithbvadu2 May 31 #20
If Blanche is handling it, trump will get a 100-year sentence. Paladin May 31 #21
He's old enough to do the crimes, he's old enough to do the time. Deuxcents May 31 #22
He wasn't "too old" to knowingly commit 34 felonies. I wonder if his attorneys will get paid? Firestorm49 May 31 #23
I hope not. A convicted felon who has a reputation of stiffing attorneys is gonna have a bad time ArkansasDemocrat1 May 31 #70
Yet Felon Trump has no problem taking away elderly healthcare or putting them out on the street. hadEnuf May 31 #24
House arrest? LeftInTX May 31 #25
I agree. No jail time. SarahD May 31 #26
Baaaaaahahahahaaaaaa!!! (an Orange Jumpsuit w the Presidential Seal!!!!) 😄 electric_blue68 May 31 #66
are we gonna start a sentence pool? can we can we huh? samnsara May 31 #27
So... Donnie is *OLD*. Got it. unblock May 31 #28
Some days you just have to wish the justice system in Judge Dredd was real. Ray Bruns May 31 #29
A little hypocritical ... Jarqui May 31 #30
Didn't doctor whats-his-name say Trump was the healthiest person alive/ DBoon May 31 #31
Wasn't that the good Dr. Bornstein - who then died in suspicious circumstances himself? peppertree May 31 #44
He got Epsteined ArkansasDemocrat1 May 31 #71
Well put peppertree May 31 #72
They both committed the crime of knowing too much about CFLDFF, tMWHH ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 1 #81
Gods.... play the age card?! slightlv May 31 #32
I'd would be happy with 3-5 years at Rikers. Even 2 years would be nice. flying_wahini May 31 #33
I want a picture of Tiny Hands mopping a floor. Prof. Toru Tanaka Jun 1 #78
I call BS. 76 year old Allen Weisselberg is at Rikers for the 2nd time. n/t iluvtennis May 31 #34
they have jailed older people than him. then they whine about joe bidens age for running again .? snork AllaN01Bear May 31 #37
If he is too old for jail, he is too old to run the country Scalded Nun May 31 #38
Bingo BadgerKid May 31 #59
Mr. Blanche, how hard is it to transfer a prisoner from Riker's Island to Leavenworth? Kid Berwyn May 31 #40
During his "speech" mercuryblues May 31 #41
Does this mean that being 83 years old, I can do anything, 1st offense and not see jail time. chuckle chuckle republianmushroom May 31 #42
Wait, I thought Trump's age was not a factor. How does Trump feel about that? Martin68 May 31 #47
His name is not "President Trump," dickwad. NBachers May 31 #48
But, but, he's capable of being president again BlueKota May 31 #49
If he's not too old to keep committing crimes, then he's not too old to go to prison for them. tanyev May 31 #50
"The Hill" nuff said gab13by13 May 31 #51
Hey in the waiting room of my eye doctors on Wed I saw a BlueKota May 31 #53
😮 electric_blue68 May 31 #67
May I say Trump truly deserves Todd Blanche agingdem May 31 #54
Not too old to be president but too old for jail? Nope. catrose May 31 #55
If he feels young enough to run for the office of President then he's young enough to do time in prison. cstanleytech May 31 #56
If he's too old to do time, he's too old to be President. QED. n/t malthaussen May 31 #57
Bill Cosby was 81 years old when he was sentenced to state prison for 3-10 years. (Yes, I know generalbetrayus May 31 #58
Too old for prison? Old Crank May 31 #61
Ohhhhh... boo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hooooo! Pffffft electric_blue68 May 31 #63
That's odd. His White House doctor said he would be competent at the age of 200. Marcuse May 31 #74
Misspelling. It wasn't competent, it was compost. With all those chemicals, it will take that long to decompose him. Wonder Why Jun 1 #83
If we ever get to the espionage case stillcatmandu57 Jun 1 #75
If he can't sit in the can over age consideration, he can't sit in the White House for the same reason ... marble falls Jun 1 #77
If he is able to serve 4 more years in the Whitehouse he could spend 4 doc03 Jun 1 #79
Bernie Madoff, another fraudster who pulled a fast one on society, and served time to the end. bucolic_frolic Jun 1 #80
IF " rump should never, never face a jail sentence based on this conduct," KS Toronado Jun 1 #82
This message was self-deleted by its author Conjuay Jun 1 #84
Don't do the crime Conjuay Jun 1 #85
So Trump's lawyer is saying he is low energy, old, with no stamina? LudwigPastorius Jun 1 #86
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