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Ha! all of them are auditioning for the VP slot are fricking traitors kimbutgar May 31 #1
Kick their sorry asses dweller May 31 #2
damn... I was just thinking to kick them lapfog_1 Jun 1 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author Chin music May 31 #3
Meh squared OrangeJoe Jun 1 #23
Exactly - this is a change how? rurallib Jun 1 #25
Tuberville should have learned his lesson after he came out looking like shit blocking military promotions. groundloop May 31 #4
... trusty elf Jun 1 #24
Where is Tim Scott?................ Lovie777 May 31 #5
Out with his girlfriend? Heavy emphasis on the 'out'. keithbvadu2 May 31 #7
What is this we have here ?... magicarpet May 31 #6
They don't need Biden. They are doing their very best " to tear this country apart" all by themselves. keithbvadu2 May 31 #8
Bingo. More posturing & projection from the do-nothing party. onetexan Jun 1 #28
Traitors time for the DOJ to investigate them. Bluethroughu May 31 #9
They would anyway. They are assholes who try to take credit for infrastructure bills they voted against. No loss ZonkerHarris May 31 #10
Nothing But... GB_RN May 31 #11
And how is that different from what they're doing now? patphil May 31 #12
Exactly, and fundraising off of oasis Jun 1 #21
But they're tearing the country apart by their refusal to accept a verdict, to say nothing of the 2020 election. sinkingfeeling May 31 #13
UnAmerican Shitbags. All for chump, not for the people. mahina May 31 #14
And this is somehow a xhange? ramapo May 31 #15
So its a day of the week that ends with 'day? quakerboy Jun 1 #16
I'm stealing that underpants Jun 1 #29
How can Rubio be consider for Vice President? flamingdem Jun 1 #17
BFD. AverageOldGuy Jun 1 #18
As a Wisconsinite, I'm truly shocked Ron MF Johnson isn't on the list. Talitha Jun 1 #19
Don't these assholes know that Biden and his administration have zilch involvement over any of these cases? cstanleytech Jun 1 #20
This posturing does bring out a dark emotion and the results leads to wanting to Traurigkeit Jun 1 #22
So, basically, no change? lark Jun 1 #27
So what's new? Freethinker65 Jun 1 #30
Oh NOES... Mr. Mustard 2023 Jun 1 #31
So what's new Rebl2 Jun 1 #32
Vows Ladythatvotesblue Jun 1 #33
Summer recess is almost here duckworth969 Jun 1 #34
So, business as usual. pecosbob Jun 2 #35
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