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The way fascists see crime Marthe48 Jun 8 #1
Sounds like a dare and a threat Zorro Jun 8 #2
I think his confidence is waning. He's doin' number two with his pants on. twodogsbarking Jun 8 #3
I don't think Judge Merchan EndlessWire Jun 8 #4
A power struggle between the Judge and the defendant, which the Judge will surely win. LastLiberal in PalmSprings Jun 8 #5
Judge Merchan no doubt . . . AverageOldGuy Jun 8 #6
I say, who cares? Dyedinthewoolliberal Jun 8 #7
The easiest out. Tarzanrock Jun 8 #8
An attorney on MSNBC said that TFG's lawyers could plead "diminished capacity" for him Rhiannon12866 Jun 8 #9
Not a spine to be seen among them Traurigkeit Jun 9 #14
TFG is likely still calling the shots including instructing his lawyers - and we've seen how that's turned out Rhiannon12866 Jun 9 #15
That's going to be a difficult case to make jmowreader Jun 9 #29
Escalate? ThoughtCriminal Jun 9 #10
I keep imagining tiny hamberders with axes chopping away inside ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 9 #11
Alexa? How do you cook a hamberder? Arne Jun 9 #27
John Gotti hated judges too. ZonkerHarris Jun 9 #12
TSF is a nobody since Jan 6th, 2021. So why are people listening to the smuck? Traurigkeit Jun 9 #13
This just in mahina Jun 9 #16
Hearsay as evidence Layzeebeaver Jun 9 #17
Do we need to remind his COL Mustard Jun 9 #18
Time for the Service to switch the personnel on his detail Attilatheblond Jun 9 #30
It's now a different ball game for the Turd. Tarzanrock Jun 9 #19
"The judge made me commit those crimes" Wonder Why Jun 9 #20
Hard to do without phone and mail priviliges. Give him 1/hr week, face-to-face in the Visitor's Room. eppur_se_muova Jun 9 #21
Lock them up. Kid Berwyn Jun 9 #22
Yup, one can understand why. republianmushroom Jun 9 #23
Wonder who hired and paid Mr. Cohen ? Traurigkeit Jun 9 #24
Why the judge, of course. republianmushroom Jun 9 #25
Must be a slow news day at the The Guardian. This is a given Raven123 Jun 9 #26
Nothing new....................... Lovie777 Jun 9 #28
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