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Of course he didn't. Does anyone expect him ever to pay money he owes? Ocelot II Jun 12 #1
Stiffed by the convicted felon, surprise, no. republianmushroom Jun 12 #2
I understand he has a golf course in Scotland. n/t Harker Jun 12 #3
I don't think a judgment in an English court can be satisfied by a lien on property in Scotland Ocelot II Jun 12 #4
There is probably a way to do it, but the UK doesn't want to piss off a man who may be POTUS again. Irish_Dem Jun 12 #5
Ah... Harker Jun 12 #9
For what its worth quakerboy Jun 12 #12
Excellent. Ocelot II Jun 12 #13
I'd like to see the people whose lives he abused there get justice... Harker Jun 13 #22
Some measure of unity in the kingdom... Thanks! n/t Harker Jun 13 #23
The Deadbeat abides. Martin68 Jun 12 #6
so...what are they gonna do about it.... bahboo Jun 12 #7
Trump has an UNPAID BILL ? 380K? I'm Shocked! Captain Zero Jun 12 #8
You'd think Trumps lawyers would know about the 6 year limitation period. !! riversedge Jun 12 #10
Time for a lien on some of his properties ArkansasDemocrat1 Jun 12 #11
The convicted felon isn't allowed to enter the UK. LOL! keopeli Jun 13 #19
And he'll probably use that as an excuse not to pay... Think. Again. Jun 13 #27
Seize his Scotland golf course. As a felon he can't visit it because he is barred from the UK. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 12 #14
Does he ever pay his bills? What about the numerous cities he still owes after having held campaign events there?? Rhiannon12866 Jun 12 #15
Wonder what Trump's Experian credit score is? sop Jun 13 #26
"Everything in The Meuller Report is true." czarjak Jun 12 #16
Pay up you deadbeat! SunSeeker Jun 13 #17
What a republican he is BoRaGard Jun 13 #18
He's never going to pay Farmer-Rick Jun 13 #20
Let me simply this - Donald Trump NEVER pays. Period. lark Jun 13 #21
Take his golf courses. truthisfreedom Jun 13 #24
When Chump finally croaks, the creditors will be standing in line to finally get paid FakeNoose Jun 13 #25
I still say the denial is a distraction. louis-t Jun 13 #28
He's more of a racist than he is a germaphobe underpants Jun 13 #29
Weird how Press blames DEMs when it was GOP who first hired Fusion GPS. Kid Berwyn Jun 13 #30
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