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I'm cancelling my nationwide home policy Marthe48 Jun 18 #1
We had several thousand homes burn in my city 7 years ago Unwind Your Mind Jun 19 #40
The question is why the vet charges have gone up so much? jimfields33 Jun 18 #2
In my area most have bought up by corporate owners.... getagrip_already Jun 18 #4
I understand but I wonder if it's really equal to the jimfields33 Jun 18 #7
Labour charge at places has to cover expenses Old Crank Jun 18 #27
Auto mechanics moreland01 Jun 18 #33
Vet school is like medical school - I'd venture becoming a mechanic is a lot less expensive in terms TBF Jun 18 #36
This is it... darbus Jun 18 #13
The costs can be huge. mn9driver Jun 18 #26
Exactly. It is monopolization and rent extraction. Voltaire2 Jun 18 #19
Ding ding! THIS is the answer MotownPgh Jun 18 #29
Could be that locally owned vet clinics are being bought up by big corporations Attilatheblond Jun 18 #8
I worked for vets long ago Laurelin Jun 18 #12
My daughter in law is in the same situation. Voltaire2 Jun 18 #20
what a GREAT post Laurelin.... democratsruletheday Jun 18 #22
I run a cat sanctuary. hamsterjill Jun 18 #35
That's difficult work Laurelin Jun 18 #37
Buy-outs by corporate care can come with non-compete clauses. BadgerKid Jun 18 #14
Veterinarians are not like medical doctors, their profit margins are pretty slim. PortTack Jun 18 #17
This is the symptom of extreme income inequality. airplaneman Jun 18 #25
so they aren't canceling all policies? just high risk policies? getagrip_already Jun 18 #3
It absolutely seems predatory. Novara Jun 18 #30
Pretty sure many vet offices are being sucked into the private equity vortex wolfie001 Jun 18 #5
You got it! Nail squarely hit on the head n/t Attilatheblond Jun 18 #10
Thanks!!! wolfie001 Jun 18 #11
So, as far as pet owners are concerned, Nationwide is no longer on your side. patphil Jun 18 #6
PreExisting Conditions Speaks2 Jun 18 #9
One cartoonist noticed KS Toronado Jun 18 #15
"Yer old, Fido. F*ck off and die already" durablend Jun 18 #16
..."cutting into its profits"... the bottom line. republianmushroom Jun 18 #18
Same as with people care: corporations jacking up prices to corporations and we pay for it all. Hermit-The-Prog Jun 18 #21
It's like dental insurance...they will pay for cleanings X-rays..about the cost of the premiums. If you need PortTack Jun 18 #23
the key phrase azureblue Jun 18 #24
Took my 2 Dogs to our vet NewEnglandAutumn Jun 18 #28
My friend's miniature poodle moreland01 Jun 18 #34
I'm looking at a time that nobody will get coverage for anything. flying_wahini Jun 18 #31
Vet's cost's for services have always been ridiculously demosincebirth Jun 18 #32
I guess Nationwide isn't "on your side" anymore. live love laugh Jun 18 #38
Something has happened at Nationwide PSPS Jun 18 #39
Interesting. Xolodno Jun 19 #41
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