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12. It's unfortunate how we allow labels to gaslight us
Tue Jun 25, 2024, 03:18 PM
Jun 25

Calling something "politics" seems to confer special status to topics that can then be ignored or ridiculed or marginalized or demonized.

I always shake my head at people who.profess to not be interested in "politics" yet have much to say about prices, culture wars, crime, immigration, etc ad nauseum, yet don't want to discuss "politics."

Trump is de facto a "politician"; thus, nearly *every* aspect of everything about him is "political." Convenient to label things this way, for those looking for excuses to not confront, you know, reality.

Hmmm wonder why intrepidity Jun 25 #1
WHY do people assume the Judge is going to let politics influence his legal rulings? brooklynite Jun 25 #9
It's unfortunate how we allow labels to gaslight us intrepidity Jun 25 #12
we're not talking about Trump; we're talking about Judge Merchan. brooklynite Jun 25 #13
Because the ruling came this week and not next week? intrepidity Jun 25 #16
Why would he care if Trump complained at the Debate? brooklynite Jun 25 #18
Do you also doubt Judge Merchan's integrity? ShazzieB Jun 25 #25
Why this week and not next? Because keeping the gag order in place when its no longer justified onenote Jun 25 #31
Are you trying to communicate to me? Wonder Why Jun 25 #35
When will other convicted criminals be given their press conferences bucolic_frolic Jun 25 #2
Well shit, this will kinda green light bluestarone Jun 25 #3
Oh, that will trigger him. Who wants to bet he goes off during the debate against his trial "foes?" hlthe2b Jun 25 #4
Here's a link to Judge Merchan's order onenote Jun 25 #5
Thanks! Hermit-The-Prog Jun 25 #6
Well, gee, if you're going to take all the FUN out of life...... brooklynite Jun 25 #10
But what about MY fun? onenote Jun 25 #11
You are definitely entitled to it Mr.WeRP Jun 25 #23
Thanks for this! ShazzieB Jun 25 #24
I don't understand allowing the basturd to comment about jurors..... lastlib Jun 25 #7
He cannot reveal jurors names or addresses. onenote Jun 25 #8
He doesn't know who or where they are... brooklynite Jun 25 #14
Can trump go back to bloviating about the judge and his family? Bayard Jun 25 #15
Not about the Judge's family nor court staff, nor about the DA's family or staff. Bev54 Jun 25 #20
He has never been subject to a gag order with respect to commenting about the judge. onenote Jun 25 #32
Defame away you bulbous felon... Hugin Jun 25 #17
Good. I hope he spends the entire debate Demobrat Jun 25 #19
Jurors!? duckworth969 Jun 25 #21
It's not being allowed. See reply #8. ShazzieB Jun 25 #28
Jurors are anonymous, so TSF's comments on them are meaningless. I think judge ruled this way to eliminate an appeal iluvtennis Jun 25 #22
Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing that up for me. duckworth969 Jun 26 #36
If tsf goes after a jury member , wouldn't they be able to sue him MacKasey Jun 25 #26
Start blabbing, fatso Blue Owl Jun 25 #27
I think Merchan is giving Trump just enough rope to hang himself. ificandream Jun 25 #29
"Everyone is being unfair to ME." - Republican Whiner-in-Chief BoRaGard Jun 25 #30
Years ago I thought Americans would get sick of his whining. captain queeg Jun 25 #33
Trump's Brown Shirt terrorist organization The Wizard Jun 25 #34
I hope his attorneys explain to him that he doesn't TexasBushwhacker Jun 26 #37
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