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Hmmm wonder why intrepidity Jun 25 #1
WHY do people assume the Judge is going to let politics influence his legal rulings? brooklynite Jun 25 #9
It's unfortunate how we allow labels to gaslight us intrepidity Jun 25 #12
we're not talking about Trump; we're talking about Judge Merchan. brooklynite Jun 25 #13
Because the ruling came this week and not next week? intrepidity Jun 25 #16
Why would he care if Trump complained at the Debate? brooklynite Jun 25 #18
Do you also doubt Judge Merchan's integrity? ShazzieB Jun 25 #25
Why this week and not next? Because keeping the gag order in place when its no longer justified onenote Jun 25 #31
Are you trying to communicate to me? Wonder Why Jun 25 #35
When will other convicted criminals be given their press conferences bucolic_frolic Jun 25 #2
Well shit, this will kinda green light bluestarone Jun 25 #3
Oh, that will trigger him. Who wants to bet he goes off during the debate against his trial "foes?" hlthe2b Jun 25 #4
Here's a link to Judge Merchan's order onenote Jun 25 #5
Thanks! Hermit-The-Prog Jun 25 #6
Well, gee, if you're going to take all the FUN out of life...... brooklynite Jun 25 #10
But what about MY fun? onenote Jun 25 #11
You are definitely entitled to it Mr.WeRP Jun 25 #23
Thanks for this! ShazzieB Jun 25 #24
I don't understand allowing the basturd to comment about jurors..... lastlib Jun 25 #7
He cannot reveal jurors names or addresses. onenote Jun 25 #8
He doesn't know who or where they are... brooklynite Jun 25 #14
Can trump go back to bloviating about the judge and his family? Bayard Jun 25 #15
Not about the Judge's family nor court staff, nor about the DA's family or staff. Bev54 Jun 25 #20
He has never been subject to a gag order with respect to commenting about the judge. onenote Jun 25 #32
Defame away you bulbous felon... Hugin Jun 25 #17
Good. I hope he spends the entire debate Demobrat Jun 25 #19
Jurors!? duckworth969 Jun 25 #21
It's not being allowed. See reply #8. ShazzieB Jun 25 #28
Jurors are anonymous, so TSF's comments on them are meaningless. I think judge ruled this way to eliminate an appeal iluvtennis Jun 25 #22
Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing that up for me. duckworth969 Jun 26 #36
If tsf goes after a jury member , wouldn't they be able to sue him MacKasey Jun 25 #26
Start blabbing, fatso Blue Owl Jun 25 #27
I think Merchan is giving Trump just enough rope to hang himself. ificandream Jun 25 #29
"Everyone is being unfair to ME." - Republican Whiner-in-Chief BoRaGard Jun 25 #30
Years ago I thought Americans would get sick of his whining. captain queeg Jun 25 #33
Trump's Brown Shirt terrorist organization The Wizard Jun 25 #34
I hope his attorneys explain to him that he doesn't TexasBushwhacker Jun 26 #37
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