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Titanic II: Because it went SO well the first time. Zephie Feb 2013 #1
At least the cheap Chinese steel hull Submariner Feb 2013 #40
And because nothing else on the planet needs tending to... freshwest Feb 2013 #42
Do you say that about all cruise ship construction? octothorpe Feb 2013 #44
If I wanted to make an all-inclusive statement like that, I would have. I didn't. But don't worry. freshwest Feb 2013 #46
Why? Did i say something to upset you? octothorpe Feb 2013 #59
Building it and running it creates lots of jobs. Psephos Feb 2013 #72
Let's hope while they incorporate the latest technology for engines and electronics AndyA Feb 2013 #2
Didn't they do that the first time? RC Feb 2013 #9
That's what they said... AndyA Feb 2013 #12
No, it was "virtually" unsinkable. ManiacJoe Feb 2013 #50
Well, to be fair they were steaming way too fast, iirc Blue_Tires Feb 2013 #58
Their timing isn't the greatest. Wait Wut Feb 2013 #3
In other news, they're starting an airline called "Bin Laden Airways". Happyhippychick Feb 2013 #4
^^^THIS^^^ eom Purveyor Feb 2013 #26
This Titanic's new sister ship won't be called the Britannic.. it will be called The Poseidon. :-) TheBlackAdder Feb 2013 #5
That's, um, Adventurous Berlum Feb 2013 #7
Yeah. My daughter suggested a New Year's cruise for woodsprite Feb 2013 #11
Well Leslie Neilson wasn't a great Politicalboi Feb 2013 #33
The Titanic did have a sister ship called Britannic. edbermac Feb 2013 #36
Just checked my calendar. No, it's not April. TrogL Feb 2013 #6
So now passengers can enjoy the nostalgic ambiance ... Ganja Ninja Feb 2013 #8
For what it's worth brooklynite Feb 2013 #10
What's to worry? We have the latest technology in engines and electronics: leveymg Feb 2013 #13
This made me laugh out loud. (But in a respectful way, undoubtedly). The Stranger Feb 2013 #41
Top-heavy sickness. It affects cruise ships as well as plastic surgery addicts. nt valerief Feb 2013 #48
The Titanic was tiny compared to today's cruise ships. onehandle Feb 2013 #14
Wow! Politicalboi Feb 2013 #34
What are you talking about? onehandle Feb 2013 #37
I can see how that image came about.... octothorpe Feb 2013 #45
for a fun time waster, go HERE: Volaris Feb 2013 #63
funny you bring that up Blue_Tires Feb 2013 #57
The Fifth Element is as close as we are going to get. onehandle Feb 2013 #66
I wonder about the economics of this project KansDem Feb 2013 #15
You ask why build it? TlalocW Feb 2013 #17
You know, I hadn't thought of that! KansDem Feb 2013 #18
"Eeeeeeeeeek." - Shelley W. Berlum Feb 2013 #20
Ackgggggggg Ackgggggggg!! Hassin Bin Sober Feb 2013 #21
Both of you misspelled, "Glug glug". Spitfire of ATJ Feb 2013 #25
Scarface? n/t L0oniX Feb 2013 #24
... and summarily FALL OVERBOARD Myrina Feb 2013 #39
Nostalgia what else Politicalboi Feb 2013 #35
Not all cruise ships are those behemoths Posteritatis Feb 2013 #52
In other news, VWolf Feb 2013 #16
To be operated by Carnival, right? Auggie Feb 2013 #19
LMAO n/t L0oniX Feb 2013 #22
What's the problem? Chipper Chat Feb 2013 #23
I don't regard myself as superstitious, but I do believe in the concept of tempting fate. slackmaster Feb 2013 #27
there will still be not enough lifeboats, in a nod to the current austerity regimes nt msongs Feb 2013 #28
Sigh Recursion Feb 2013 #29
It will definitely be unsinkable this time!!! alcibiades_mystery Feb 2013 #30
one would think SemperEadem Feb 2013 #31
Let's see Politicalboi Feb 2013 #32
Slot machines?? Jerry442 Feb 2013 #43
Yeah, I wouldn't be in a hurry to book a ticket on this one ... Myrina Feb 2013 #38
Please Please Please build it and put the 1% on it and we can hope for the best. nt valerief Feb 2013 #47
I'm surprised the construction contract didn't go to the Lee Kee Shipyard. nt Xipe Totec Feb 2013 #49
"What? Steerage passengers on first class life boats? Perish the thought!" marble falls Feb 2013 #51
They should sell pictures at a consession set up to take them at the bow to cash in on the famous... Nika Feb 2013 #53
Pretty soon there won't be many icebergs left felix_numinous Feb 2013 #54
They recreated the HMS Bounty too liberal N proud Feb 2013 #55
Funny. I just went to a museum display of Titanic artifacts. No thanks. MichiganVote Feb 2013 #56
I saw that a travelling exhibit last year and thought even the steerage accomodations were decent... slackmaster Feb 2013 #60
I was impressed by the menus for each class. They were all very complete. MichiganVote Feb 2013 #64
For some reason I was seduced by the au gratin dishes arranged as they were found on the seabed slackmaster Feb 2013 #68
And they looked brand new. So strange. MichiganVote Feb 2013 #69
the only way i can see myself doing these cruise ships is if it was for free JI7 Feb 2013 #61
"Hindenburg II will be docking at Lakehurst, NJ on Thursday. Tickets still available" NBachers Feb 2013 #62
Set sail for bad taste! Adenoid_Hynkel Feb 2013 #65
It would be perfect if it was nuclear powered. hunter Feb 2013 #67
Maybe they can book Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet to reenact some scenes for the yellowcanine Feb 2013 #70
Will the third class passengers have to stay below decks for the entire trip Mr.Bill Feb 2013 #71
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