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Bolo Boffin

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3. The IG report also said most of the Tea Party-type groups would have been selected
Sat May 18, 2013, 05:19 PM
May 2013

with an impartial standard.

The IG found 91 out of the 296 potential political applications that did not have any indications of significant political campaign intervention. That's 31% and that seems high. However, the IRS disputed that finding for a number of reasons, and the IG conceded in a footnote that when additional information was sent in by the groups, evidence of significant political campaign intervention was found in a "number" of those 91. How many, the IG did not say.

However, in another footnote, the IG also revealed that only 17% of the 91 "indication-free" applications were Tea Party-type organizations. That would be about 15. Using the figures in the OP, 72 plus 11 plus 13 equals 96 Tea Party-type groups.

So out of 96 of these improperly targeted groups, 81 of them would have been selected if an impartial standard had been used. That's 84% of them, the vast majority. When the IRS used the improper standards to flag the Tea Party-type groups, it was the equivalent of the LAPD framing OJ Simpson.

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