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K & R! LeftofObama Jul 2013 #1
I think the dominos are going to fall very quickly MNBrewer Jul 2013 #2
I agree. William769 Jul 2013 #3
I think so too. Lugnut Jul 2013 #24
HA! irisblue Jul 2013 #4
Fuck the haters (Thank god I'm not a bastard) we can do it Jul 2013 #18
Did the Federal Judge just say something like "up your nose, Herr Kasich, with a rubber hose" indepat Jul 2013 #5
There was also some mention of "twice as far as a candy bar." Orrex Jul 2013 #15
Had not heard that dandy gem indepat Jul 2013 #16
In your ear, with a can of beer: riqster Jul 2013 #17
K&R Ruby the Liberal Jul 2013 #6
This is a big fucking deal. yardwork Jul 2013 #7
Yes it is. William769 Jul 2013 #8
For the first time I feel a glimmer of hope that North Carolina's amendment might fall. yardwork Jul 2013 #9
I think you can pretty much count on that. William769 Jul 2013 #10
I don't know of any suits in NC about equal marriage. We have our hands full here. yardwork Jul 2013 #11
Thats a shame. N.C. is such a beautiful State. William769 Jul 2013 #13
What the hell happened in your state? theHandpuppet Jul 2013 #25
It's a long story. yardwork Jul 2013 #27
The ACLU is planning a challenge of the NC constitutional ban. knowledgeispwr Jul 2013 #21
Thanks for the Info. William769 Jul 2013 #22
That's right. I forgot about that. yardwork Jul 2013 #26
+1 n/t tammywammy Jul 2013 #14
one small, loose domino falls mitchtv Jul 2013 #28
Yes, yes it is !!!!!!1 Marrah_G Jul 2013 #30
Will this ruling apply to Ohio recognizing same sex marriages in general or just this case? pnwmom Jul 2013 #31
... truebluegreen Jul 2013 #12
Damned activist judges again Orrex Jul 2013 #19
Wow this is great LostOne4Ever Jul 2013 #20
Fucking awesome! Firebrand Gary Jul 2013 #23
This is wonderful! n/t JimDandy Jul 2013 #29
About damn time. blkmusclmachine Jul 2013 #32
K&R idwiyo Jul 2013 #33
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