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28. if you have a green card
Sun Dec 1, 2013, 09:51 AM
Dec 2013

And do not turn it when you back to your home country you are chained to the USA and must file us taxes for life until you get the U R S off you back. Has happened to Canadians.

Alright! Look out Mitt'ster and other rich crooks. The Wielding Truth Nov 2013 #1
Will there be a papertrail? FarPoint Nov 2013 #9
that's good news. Let's hope they DO SOMETHING with that information when they get it yurbud Nov 2013 #2
Taking effect in 2014 -- wondering if it'll be delayed from there tomm2thumbs Nov 2013 #3
If the house keeps all their whackadoodle teabaggers... mdbl Nov 2013 #4
"Oh shit. Nooooooooooo." - Republicons (R - 1%) Berlum Nov 2013 #5
My guess is that they have already moved their money somewhere else. watoos Nov 2013 #6
I wondered the same thing KansDem Nov 2013 #7
That was my thought too. bearssoapbox Nov 2013 #8
bitcoins ~~~ safely poching in mirrored servers FraDon Nov 2013 #11
Of course. I wonder where. nt valerief Nov 2013 #12
And the legislators have probably The Wizard Nov 2013 #10
Changes nothing oberliner Nov 2013 #13
I know of a certain Judge who's name I would like to look for on the list! Dustlawyer Nov 2013 #14
the rich Americans will not be affected riverbendviewgal Nov 2013 #15
People won't visit the US because they don't want to "run the risk of pnwmom Nov 2013 #19
If you overstay your time in the usa riverbendviewgal Nov 2013 #20
Then don't overstay a visa. But even if someone did, that wouldn't pnwmom Nov 2013 #23
if you have a green card riverbendviewgal Dec 2013 #28
There is a simple solution. Don't get a green card. pnwmom Dec 2013 #31
There's no way Harper won't bend over backwards to accommodate it, sadly. (nt) Posteritatis Nov 2013 #24
Also, I'm one of the affected parties Posteritatis Nov 2013 #26
The justice will be applied selectively Deny and Shred Nov 2013 #16
Next year? Next year?????? ReRe Nov 2013 #17
Yeah, who needs the constitution? (nt) Posteritatis Nov 2013 #25
Seriously? They go that far and then leave the last "T" off? Duer 157099 Nov 2013 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author riverbendviewgal Nov 2013 #21
This is great news!!! Major Hogwash Nov 2013 #22
Smoke screen and mirrors.... defacto7 Dec 2013 #27
read Robert Morse's essay riverbendviewgal Dec 2013 #29
kicking and looking for that other FATCA thread . . . n/t annabanana Dec 2013 #30
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