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28. If you think the 917 was terrifying, can you imagine driving a mid-engine V-16 with swing axles?
Fri Apr 6, 2012, 02:26 PM
Apr 2012

Three decades before there was a McLaren M8 or the Can Am Panzerwagens, there were the Auto Union and Mercedes streamliner record cars. Prof. Ferdinand Porsche (the elder) also designed this one, below.

Would you drive on 1937 tyres at over 200 mph? Maybe if you're Tazio Nuvolari, Bernd Rosemeyer or Dick Seaman:

911 is still my favorite car to this day.. frylock Apr 2012 #1
Absolutely. I've had a 944 and a 928 (both were affordable)... Cooley Hurd Apr 2012 #2
i've only ever driven a 911 once.. frylock Apr 2012 #4
Mine too madokie Apr 2012 #34
r.i.p. to a true visionary Blue_Tires Apr 2012 #3
Not just cars. I have a Grundig radio designed by him. AtheistCrusader Apr 2012 #5
Porsche - there is no substitute. CJCRANE Apr 2012 #6
Grandfather was a weapons designer for Herr Adolph usrname Apr 2012 #7
You've reminded me of a favorite joke EverHopeful Apr 2012 #12
In 1969 I almost bought a silver 911 off the showroom floor in San Antonio. flamin lib Apr 2012 #8
RIP IMOTM2012 Apr 2012 #9
Every Porsche ever made to this day turns my head, cliffordu Apr 2012 #10
"I might have peed a little" awoke_in_2003 Apr 2012 #11
turns my head too grasswire Apr 2012 #15
I rented a 911SC Targa and drove the Mountain Loop Highway in WA. Remember taking a curve that was Citizen Worker Apr 2012 #13
When his grandfather got together with Daimler dipsydoodle Apr 2012 #14
Homage to the 911, and the men who designed and developed it leveymg Apr 2012 #16
That car is from 1939? Beacool Apr 2012 #21
The all-conquering 917 of 1970 traces directly back to the still-born 1938 V-10 Type 114 leveymg Apr 2012 #23
The 917 was a truly terrifying car. hifiguy Apr 2012 #25
If you think the 917 was terrifying, can you imagine driving a mid-engine V-16 with swing axles? leveymg Apr 2012 #28
The men who drove those cars hifiguy Apr 2012 #37
Video of Nuvolari winning the 1938 Donnington Grand Prix in an Auto Union D-Type: leveymg Apr 2012 #38
Thank you. Beacool Apr 2012 #27
A very similar shape was used in a concept VW. kentauros Apr 2012 #32
goosebumps. mopinko Apr 2012 #33
RIP Ferdinand.... unkachuck Apr 2012 #17
Didn't Porsche design the Schickelgruber's Revenge?? Manifestor_of_Light Apr 2012 #18
Maybe his grandfather designed the bug. JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 2012 #20
Did you ever see the "comparison" when the new Beetle came out? jmowreader Apr 2012 #31
That was the first Ferdinand Porsche. hifiguy Apr 2012 #26
Yes madokie Apr 2012 #35
I met FA back in the late 1970s at a Porsche Club event in Virginia. CottonBear Apr 2012 #19
Beautiful cars! burrowowl Apr 2012 #22
One of the most brilliant automotive designers of all time. hifiguy Apr 2012 #24
K&R. Very sad... :( Rhiannon12866 Apr 2012 #29
Engine is still at the wrong end. flvegan Apr 2012 #30
917... Hotler Apr 2012 #36
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