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14. What is not being mentioned in this discussion of Global Climate Change is
Fri Nov 13, 2015, 04:24 PM
Nov 2015

This extremely important fact - the Number One concern of many meteorologists and geologists is the volcano-ization possibilities spread out across the planet.

Whenever any of the major volcanoes wake up, they indicate various significant differences in the scenario of Global Warming. When ever a volcano goes off in the Southern Hemisphere, the likelihood of cooling the planet significantly goes up greatly. (Note the volcanic explosion back in the early 1990's that resulted in a significant drop in global temperature.)

At the risk of being called "aery faery" I would say that it looks like Gaia is wanting to take care of itself.

Currently the volcano that I live quite close to, Mt Konocti, here in Northern Calif., is now considered enough of a threat that there are US Geological Society sensors installed on various places on its shoulders. These sensors mean that should the volcano go active, residents of Lake County would have close to six months worth of warning to get out.

This a marks a huge difference in how Mt Konocti was viewed back in October of 2005 when we moved here.

Back then, we were told that the likelihood of it becoming active was extremely remote. Then its "sister volcano" unexpectedly went off down in Chile, and so "our" volcano is no longer considered to be quite so dormant.

If Yellowstone goes up, then we would have a scenario similar to an extreme nuclear winter event.

All this could happen in eight months, or a year, or ten years or two hundred years. The number of volcanoes that could impact the cooling effects on Global "Warming" go up each and every month as there are so many reports of "dormant" volcanoes suddenly needing a different (and greater) consideration.


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