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1. You have to wonder what our elites are REALLY thinking...
Thu Feb 12, 2015, 03:06 AM
Feb 2015

When the media they own and control goes the "Full-Monty" on fear regarding a number of issues (Putin,ISIS, Ebola)
with terrorism leading the way.

This video brilliantly de-constructs the nauseating, but ominous phoniness of these so-called "authorities",
who are payed damn good money to LIE to us and manipulate our fears in our own mass-media.

Don't mean come off as a conspiracy-theorist, but thinking about the cui bono here
is a bit scary, to be honest.

Are We The People being set up?
And if so, for what?

I can't help thinking...

Nothing would stop a populist surge (based largely on economic issues), and feared by the elites,
like a big, shiny new war.

Know what I'm tryin' to say?

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