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I've been coming around... Buddyblazon Jun 2016 #1
Whoīs embracing Dubya? forest444 Jun 2016 #105
Truly don't care apcalc Jun 2016 #2
Highly intelligent, gracious, and principled answer. colorado_ufo Jun 2016 #3
This woman is supporting the fascism of Trump: she has no principles lewebley3 Jun 2016 #22
Huh? How'd you draw that from the interview? KPN Jun 2016 #33
Hillary supporters are hardly worried. stopbush Jun 2016 #55
BS. If you are not worried, why do you attack anyone who has a different view. KPN Jun 2016 #59
Silly. Even Sanders has admitted that he agrees with Hillary 93% of the time. stopbush Jun 2016 #73
That's voting record ... not agreement on KPN Jun 2016 #92
I wish you could hear how silly you sound Palimpsestuous Jun 2016 #93
welcome aboard. I agree with you. :D roguevalley Jun 2016 #119
Many of them are Republicans OwlinAZ Jun 2016 #124
You lost shenmue Jun 2016 #101
I wouldn't laugh to fast. roguevalley Jun 2016 #120
Why does this please you? MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #126
Interesting that you bring that up. How come anyone who has supported Bernie who announces they still_one Jun 2016 #108
I think you mean "get INTO the bubble" LiberalLovinLug Jun 2016 #70
I'm Ready For Cersei! [nt] Jester Messiah Jun 2016 #112
The Hillary Clinton Group is about to expand to all of DU shortly. Dustlawyer Jun 2016 #114
Right on LiberalLovinLug Jun 2016 #117
I'm ready for the false equivalency to end Politicub Jun 2016 #132
bubble......................nah bkkyosemite Jun 2016 #78
This isn't new--and what's with the "you people" crap? MADem Jun 2016 #64
What's "this?" KPN Jun 2016 #94
"You people" has a specific meaning in some communities. MADem Jun 2016 #96
Consult a mirror. KPN Jun 2016 #98
I've HEARD the term aimed at me, so perhaps you need that mirror, sport. nt MADem Jun 2016 #99
The election is not about Hillary: Its about the poor and elderly American's lewebley3 Jun 2016 #137
I have yet to see you make ONE intelligent comment ybbor Jun 2016 #60
Isn't it? MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #88
My comments are valuable enough for you: and calling people names hardly lewebley3 Jun 2016 #136
I call them as I see them ybbor Jun 2016 #141
Derp MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #87
So you lnow for a fact then she is supporting Trump? INdemo Jun 2016 #115
It not about Hillary: is about the poor and elderly going hungery under Trump: lewebley3 Jun 2016 #135
Or, she has more principles than Democrats who go along with the herd. OwlinAZ Jun 2016 #123
She doesn't care if about the elderly or the poor going hungry under Trump: lewebley3 Jun 2016 #134
I appreciate her principled stand. Cooley Hurd Jun 2016 #4
ditto lunatica Jun 2016 #7
You got that right it was about Principles turbinetree Jun 2016 #9
My feelings, too. nt Duval Jun 2016 #16
Yeah. If Hilary ran on Bernie's issues lunatica Jun 2016 #21
That's why those of us who voted for Hillary want her to adopt 0% stopbush Jun 2016 #74
Yes! skylucy Jun 2016 #80
only? lunatica Jun 2016 #125
Yeah, only. stopbush Jun 2016 #127
Remember that when she goes to war next time lunatica Jun 2016 #128
Yawn. Boring, repetitive and not true. stopbush Jun 2016 #129
congratulations on not being a gloater. lunatica Jun 2016 #130
Oh, I'm gloating, for sure. stopbush Jun 2016 #131
Me Too! Kokonoe Jun 2016 #118
Sanders stands for gun violence and the NRA lewebley3 Jun 2016 #23
You're quite transparent you know lunatica Jun 2016 #25
Every post of yours is binary and bewildered nt Gore1FL Jun 2016 #49
Exactly ybbor Jun 2016 #142
Fail. avaistheone1 Jun 2016 #57
No the truth is always the truth lewebley3 Jun 2016 #139
Derp! MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #89
YES! THIS ^^^ KPN Jun 2016 #35
#ImWithHer, and NorthCarolina Jun 2016 #5
Same here n/t MissDeeds Jun 2016 #15
And a huge loss for the DNC. n/t Iwillnevergiveup Jun 2016 #6
Good riddance to self serving Sanders lewebley3 Jun 2016 #18
Re: self-serving -- Pot, meet the kettle. KPN Jun 2016 #38
That poster only sees the world in black and white terms Gore1FL Jun 2016 #50
Lol!!!! KPN Jun 2016 #53
Hillary is the only pogressive choice: Sanders has never worked for mid class: he lewebley3 Jun 2016 #133
You just proved the point made in Post #50 above. KPN Jun 2016 #143
... MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #90
Who cares? wisteria Jun 2016 #8
Yeah, What's Wrong with Her? McKim Jun 2016 #32
Yep. And may Shay Chan Hodges win the primary challenge against Gabbard and be the next BlueCaliDem Jun 2016 #36
Yeah, run the ungrateful's off. That'll show 'em! KPN Jun 2016 #39
Aww, miss focus on me. She also isn't ready to support the gun bills. Terrorists should have access Laser102 Jun 2016 #10
^^^This!^^^ Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #11
At least she didn't have to lie to the cameras about where the incoming was and who sent it. Ford_Prefect Jun 2016 #13
She is full of herself: Trumps fascism on the poor an elderly Okay lewebley3 Jun 2016 #19
She's a repug in Dem clothing, replete with their talking points, masquerading as a Democrat, . . . brush Jun 2016 #31
Lol! "Miss focus on me" -- that's grand KPN Jun 2016 #41
yep. Completely lost on them. Phlem Jun 2016 #111
Tulsi Gabbard's early influence billh58 Jun 2016 #12
If Gabbard were a right-winger she would be supporting Clinton. avaistheone1 Jun 2016 #62
Tulsi Gabbard Slams Obama for Not Saying ĎRadical Islam ... billh58 Jun 2016 #66
Tulsi changed her mind on LGBT issues nationalize the fed Jun 2016 #84
Most Hawaii Democrats billh58 Jun 2016 #86
Which of these policies do Hawaii Democrats disagree with? nationalize the fed Jun 2016 #102
I don't disagree billh58 Jun 2016 #104
Lol...Okay kjones Jun 2016 #122
So Don't! Night Watchman Jun 2016 #14
More and more people are learning how to be strong with the press. Equinox Moon Jun 2016 #17
Its easy stand up went you are just out for yourself like Sanders people lewebley3 Jun 2016 #20
What a rude comment to my post Equinox Moon Jun 2016 #24
Trying to get a response.... freebrew Jun 2016 #28
I see that rude poster has made several inappropiate comments in this thread Equinox Moon Jun 2016 #29
Won't help... freebrew Jun 2016 #34
Thanks, FreeBrew Equinox Moon Jun 2016 #42
I'm starting to think Marty McGraw Jun 2016 #68
>>>> Equinox Moon Jun 2016 #76
I feel the same about the bot thing, but I can't figure out what the A Simple Game Jun 2016 #95
Well, this Hillary supporter Amimnoch Jun 2016 #45
Indeed! Equinox Moon Jun 2016 #48
Then the Truth offends you: not supporting Hillary, will lewebley3 Jun 2016 #138
Exactly! KPN Jun 2016 #44
So this is the "new" kind of Democrat? Loki Jun 2016 #26
Lol!!!! KPN Jun 2016 #47
It definitely wasn't the type of response I'd expect from someone who's been here so long Ned_Devine Jun 2016 #103
New democrats include Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. earthshine Jun 2016 #71
+ 1000 LiberalLovinLug Jun 2016 #140
How can she be legitimately called a "Sanders surrogate?" MADem Jun 2016 #27
I dunno about real liberal challenger. THere's much more to being a real liberal than KPN Jun 2016 #51
Wouldn't you aver that "women's rights" (to say nothing of rights for ALL of us, to MADem Jun 2016 #63
Of course, but ... KPN Jun 2016 #83
People who do not support equal rights in all their forms are not Democrats. MADem Jun 2016 #91
You are putting words into my mouth MADem. KPN Jun 2016 #97
Lack of preparation is a hallmark of this campaign. Squinch Jun 2016 #30
Good for her! deathrind Jun 2016 #37
I thought she spoke very well. Amimnoch Jun 2016 #40
This lady youceyec Jun 2016 #43
And a combat veteran, and elected Representative, and more of a Democrat than some jtuck004 Jun 2016 #65
shes a repub youceyec Jun 2016 #106
Stein & Tulsi 2016 Geronimoe Jun 2016 #46
We need more elected officials like her; people who aren't afraid of KPN Jun 2016 #52
Yes we do. Very rare nowadays. 840high Jun 2016 #56
Another D pol who backed the wrong horse stopbush Jun 2016 #54
Bye Felicia! vdogg Jun 2016 #58
"Non-entity Supports Trump" in other words. johnp3907 Jun 2016 #61
Binary thinker -- supports ignorance earthshine Jun 2016 #72
Then move out of the way! Step aside! We'll take it from here! NurseJackie Jun 2016 #67
Tulsi has the wisdom only a soldier can have Geronimoe Jun 2016 #69
This rep gets a lot of exposure lately SirBrockington Jun 2016 #75
Because she is a nut job. skylucy Jun 2016 #77
I think you better read her bio...she is not a nut job. bkkyosemite Jun 2016 #79
She is the coolest politician on the planet TryLogic Jun 2016 #81
I just read some other posts -- above. How sad and sickening. TryLogic Jun 2016 #82
Maybe this (below) is the reason Clinton supporters are so tense: TryLogic Jun 2016 #85
John Oliver covered the issues of the primaries and their considerable problems very well... Moonwalk Jun 2016 #116
Love real Democrats. zentrum Jun 2016 #100
This what happens when outsiders fail in their coup of the Democratic Party liberal N proud Jun 2016 #107
She's a veteran and earned the right to speak her mind. Nt Sienna86 Jun 2016 #109
Her right, but ... DownriverDem Jun 2016 #110
Those who serve in the military Geronimoe Jun 2016 #113
Quite right sangfroid Jun 2016 #121
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