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16. I was at SIGGRAPH '83 when Steve Jobs introduced "Lisa" (for the bargain prices of $10,000)
Wed Apr 25, 2018, 08:18 AM
Apr 2018

With it's intuitive graphic user interface, cute little icons, and mouse control, it was touted as the computer for anyone - well, if you had $10 grand.

Steve Jobs told the rapt audience "I wanted to offer a new thing that had two features: easy enough your mother could use it, and bold enough that all our competitors would say "Oh SHIT!"

If only I had had the money to buy Apple stock back then.

My first was this unassuming bit of tech:

How to send an "E mail" 1984 [View all] Demovictory9 Apr 2018 OP
I remember actually kinda liking 300 baud modems back when... TreasonousBastard Apr 2018 #1
Great vid angry citizen Apr 2018 #8
Nice find! William Seger Apr 2018 #2
yup... GetRidOfThem Apr 2018 #3
Cool William Seger Apr 2018 #5
Should have tried a trading platform for Pez dispensers! GetRidOfThem Apr 2018 #13
Yup, it was probably Compute William Seger Apr 2018 #14
That was my first Word Processor! GetRidOfThem Apr 2018 #21
LOL, yeah, the speed button William Seger Apr 2018 #23
Atari 1200XL here. My aunt had a C64 i used a few times. Roland99 Apr 2018 #12
Actually, now that I think about it, my first computer was a Sinclair William Seger Apr 2018 #17
I had one of those. MGKrebs Apr 2018 #18
Yeah, in fairness, it was my first exposure to BASIC William Seger Apr 2018 #19
I had programmed a cool text-based football game on my Atari Roland99 Apr 2018 #22
Thats way better than me jcgoldie Apr 2018 #28
I had the same yesphan Apr 2018 #27
Started on the VIC 20... reACTIONary Apr 2018 #35
cut my teeth on the Data General Nova 2 infullview Apr 2018 #39
I was a physics Grad Student at the time jimlup Apr 2018 #4
I believe it was called bitnet on the IBM mainframe infullview Apr 2018 #10
I remember being amazed jimlup Apr 2018 #25
The mainframe is not dead. infullview Apr 2018 #29
Verizon still uses a lot for call record processing William Seger Apr 2018 #33
Somehow that's somewhat comforting jimlup Apr 2018 #48
Big iron is set to make a big comeback jmowreader Apr 2018 #56
I remember the release of 2BSD in 1979. It was magic. hunter Apr 2018 #59
Can you just imagine where this technology will take us in 30 years? MrScorpio Apr 2018 #6
Showing my age perhaps kchamberlin25 Apr 2018 #7
No, showing your age infullview Apr 2018 #30
I did that, but it was COBOL. The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2018 #34
hope you were a good typist. infullview Apr 2018 #37
Fortunately it was for a short time as part of a university course The Velveteen Ocelot Apr 2018 #40
That was my first paying job in University TrogL Apr 2018 #42
My first modem sharp_stick Apr 2018 #9
The good old days of dial up bulletin board systems Snake Plissken Apr 2018 #11
Yep. I had a bb account in the 90s Demovictory9 Apr 2018 #31
Ah, the good old days, infullview Apr 2018 #32
Thanks for the memories !!! SWBTATTReg Apr 2018 #15
I was at SIGGRAPH '83 when Steve Jobs introduced "Lisa" (for the bargain prices of $10,000) FailureToCommunicate Apr 2018 #16
I owned two Lisas TrogL Apr 2018 #43
Two! FailureToCommunicate Apr 2018 #45
Personal password: 1-2-3-4 progressoid Apr 2018 #20
LOL, mine was much more clever: 7410 William Seger Apr 2018 #24
I noticed that, too mucifer Apr 2018 #58
Hey, look, it's Moss from the IT Crowd! nt Tommy_Carcetti Apr 2018 #26
Really Kewl! Canoe52 Apr 2018 #36
For a second I thought you meant this geardaddy Apr 2018 #38
This was some expensive stuff at the time. mwooldri Apr 2018 #41
yes. my first computer cost $1500! a lot of money 25 plus years ago. Demovictory9 Apr 2018 #50
I have a lapel pin NJCher Apr 2018 #51
"Waiting for the modem..." Miles Archer Apr 2018 #44
Yes. This is what computers were without porn. Yavin4 Apr 2018 #46
My first computer was a Timex-Sinclair 2068. CaptainTruth Apr 2018 #47
I still can't figure out anything tech. It sucks! BigmanPigman Apr 2018 #49
Fascinating underpants Apr 2018 #52
youtube is a treasure trove of retro vids Demovictory9 Apr 2018 #55
Thanks for posting......incredible.. Stuart G Apr 2018 #53
The Mo-Dem. Codeine Apr 2018 #54
I'm pretty sure the password he types in at about 1:25 is 1234. lol TeamPooka Apr 2018 #57
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