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Wed Sep 9, 2020, 06:34 PM Sep 2020

Do you smoke cigarettes? [View all]

If you're a smoker... how long have you smoked?
If you're a quitter... how long did you smoke before quitting? How long have you been smoke-free?

52 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes, I smoke cigarettes daily.
7 (13%)
Sometimes... I smoke, but not daily.
1 (2%)
No, I've never smoked.
17 (33%)
No, I quit.
27 (52%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Do you smoke cigarettes? [View all] NurseJackie Sep 2020 OP
64 years blissfully not addicted. NRaleighLiberal Sep 2020 #1
Quit 14 years ago Ahpook Sep 2020 #28
While working radio in the 60's and 70's 634-5789 Sep 2020 #2
That's quite an accomplishment. I needed patches to ease the pain... NurseJackie Sep 2020 #5
Smoked for 10 years, quit 35 years ago. Adsos Letter Sep 2020 #3
40 years a smoker... 10 years quit. I'm not out of the woods yet... NurseJackie Sep 2020 #4
It is hard Ahpook Sep 2020 #29
I hadn't thought of how much money I've saved not smoking. It's a lot of money Maraya1969 Sep 2020 #63
Thankfully no. Tried in college a couple of times and between migraines & nausea, it was NOT for me hlthe2b Sep 2020 #6
I was a smoker for 20 years... Moostache Sep 2020 #7
Quit for about 5 years... dixiechiken1 Sep 2020 #16
Good luck...Stat with your goals Moostache Sep 2020 #35
Never smoked Mme. Defarge Sep 2020 #8
No! ZZenith Sep 2020 #13
Pardonnez-moi, Mme. Defarge Sep 2020 #14
I know - ZZenith Sep 2020 #19
Not really something to joke about. Mme. Defarge Sep 2020 #20
You too! ZZenith Sep 2020 #21
I've never touched them ItsjustMe Sep 2020 #9
I smoked for 40+ years and quit 10 years ago. Sometimes I still miss it, Arkansas Granny Sep 2020 #10
I hear ya! Sometimes I miss it, too... but then... NurseJackie Sep 2020 #11
Smoked for 33 years---pack a day for most of that. I quit "cold Turkey" 26 years ago. nt Atticus Sep 2020 #12
That's awesome! NurseJackie Sep 2020 #70
No. I smoked cigars and quit 44 years ago. Wolf Frankula Sep 2020 #15
Nope. Never could see the sense in it. Aristus Sep 2020 #17
This. My dad smoked and it caused many arguments with my mom - and it stunk. NRaleighLiberal Sep 2020 #30
Tobacco or hemp? marble falls Sep 2020 #18
Started at 14, quit at 40, in 1994. SeattleVet Sep 2020 #22
Smoked for too long - probably 400,00 cigarettes Clearly fogged in Sep 2020 #23
Been "quit" for 13 years but really really liked smoking. JanMichael Sep 2020 #24
I did too. I miss it, but I don't. But I do. (Virginia Slims menthol was my brand.) NurseJackie Sep 2020 #25
I still miss it every once in a while....Quit May 2, 2005. a kennedy Sep 2020 #45
started at 13, quit at 25 some 46 years ago rurallib Sep 2020 #26
No, my father coughed me out of it. NNadir Sep 2020 #27
I started as a light social smoker in college and only smoked when I drank, and that smirkymonkey Sep 2020 #31
I started in high school... back then they ALLOWED SMOKING on school grounds! NurseJackie Sep 2020 #41
I smoked for about 30 years Glorfindel Sep 2020 #32
Cigarettes killed my father and grandfather... I watched it happen. NurseJackie Sep 2020 #40
I never could understand my niece. AirmensMom Sep 2020 #80
It was the addiction. I told myself that "cigarettes relax me" but that was a lie. In truth... NurseJackie Sep 2020 #82
Thank you so much! AirmensMom Sep 2020 #83
I know, hardest thing I ever did as well.....Wellbutrin really helped with the anxiety a kennedy Sep 2020 #46
Quit 7 years ago. LuckyCharms Sep 2020 #33
I drink less after giving up cigarettes. But it wasn't a conscious effort... NurseJackie Sep 2020 #39
My coffee consumption increased as well. LuckyCharms Sep 2020 #44
When I first quit I started drinking a lot more. hay rick Sep 2020 #68
Congratulations! NurseJackie Sep 2020 #69
I'm roughly 221 days in without a cigarette. Niagara Sep 2020 #34
You've made it! The physical addictions are over... NurseJackie Sep 2020 #36
Good for you....... a kennedy Sep 2020 #47
Wow! Good for you! AirmensMom Sep 2020 #81
quit cold turkey onethatcares Sep 2020 #37
That's a feat that always amazes me. I needed patches and gum and lozenges... NurseJackie Sep 2020 #38
Quit during the Carter Administration... Wounded Bear Sep 2020 #42
Smoked socially in grad school in the mid-'70's mnhtnbb Sep 2020 #43
I started smoking as a teenager.... Upthevibe Sep 2020 #48
The vivid dreams were the reason I could not wear the nicotine patch 24-hours as recommended. NurseJackie Sep 2020 #49
My dad quit when I was a kid. I saw how hard quitting was for him and never started. hunter Sep 2020 #50
I've been smoking since I was 17, and I'm now 64. n/t AmyStrange Sep 2020 #51
Because of the theory that second hand smoke causes cancer, then... AmyStrange Sep 2020 #52
I've never smoked a cigarette in my life but some members of my family have quit. IrishEyes Sep 2020 #53
Former smoker Generic Brad Sep 2020 #54
The craving to smoke left me long ago... NurseJackie Sep 2020 #55
Not since March 26, 2018 liberaltrucker Sep 2020 #56
Smoked 30 yrs (thanks, Navy), quit 24 yrs ago when diagnosed for heart disease. UTUSN Sep 2020 #57
Never smoked DFW Sep 2020 #58
I'm old enough to remember when kids could smoke on the school bus. Kaleva Sep 2020 #59
We smoked at my high school. Only in a covered walkway that joined the gym and auditorium.... NurseJackie Sep 2020 #60
IN HS, we could smoke at the front entrance. The main entrance was in the back of the building. Kaleva Sep 2020 #62
Quit in 2005 for good... Tikki Sep 2020 #61
I only have two experiences with cigarettes Awsi Dooger Sep 2020 #64
Dick van Dyke b. 1925 said quitting years of drinking appalachiablue Sep 2020 #65
One of Johnny Carson's regrets is that he could never quit successfully. NurseJackie Sep 2020 #67
I remember that, heavy smoker, major heart attack appalachiablue Sep 2020 #71
My dad quit the day he saw a patient smoking through a tracheotomy. callous taoboy Sep 2020 #66
JUUL vape saved me deek Sep 2020 #72
I quit in 1982 2naSalit Sep 2020 #73
Quit 40 years ago LeftInTX Sep 2020 #74
50 years JustGene Sep 2020 #75
I understand. The cravings are insanely powerful and I was miserable. NurseJackie Sep 2020 #76
Actually JustGene Sep 2020 #78
I used to be a serious long distance runner, starting in high school Fortinbras Armstrong Sep 2020 #77
Smoked for a few years while in college. AirmensMom Sep 2020 #79
I smoked from about age 14 to age 36 Marthe48 Sep 2020 #84
I know exactly what you mean. The smell sickens me too. NurseJackie Sep 2020 #85
My husband and I both quit at the same same, the last time Marthe48 Sep 2020 #86
Quit 35 years ago. Cold turkey. argyl Sep 2020 #87
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