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Mike 03

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30. That's my wild guess too, not knowing anything about that particular situation but having
Tue Mar 16, 2021, 05:23 PM
Mar 2021

a dog and living in coyote country.

1. Watching the videos gave him the idea that it's okay to express himself that way.

2. He is hearing distant coyotes that are difficult for humans to pick up. Once a pack of coyotes gets going (usually after a kill, unfortunately) it is a sound to behold.

That is the #1 reason my dog howls or barks between sunset and sunrise.

#2 is nocturnal visitors in the yard, specifically our friendly neighborhood pack of javelinas.

Maybe distant sirens? Humans usually pick them up, but it's possible they could remain on the outskirts of audibility, far enough away that they are difficult to hear. The fact that it is happening at night makes me suspect, like you, that it's animal activity.

ive given up posting anything..... samnsara Mar 2021 #1
It is so strange. demmiblue Mar 2021 #2
What the heck is happening? Irish_Dem Mar 2021 #6
Oh no. Sounds like some kind of mistake soothsayer Mar 2021 #3
I thought that's the place where we were supposed to post about pets, Ocelot II Mar 2021 #4
Thank you so much. It has to be a glitch, or else 90% of Lounge is due to be in lockdown!1 UTUSN Mar 2021 #5
No shite! demmiblue Mar 2021 #8
Post removed Post removed Mar 2021 #46
Thanks for the kind understanding. I'm trying to let it go, which is why I Self-deleted after UTUSN Mar 2021 #47
Sounds like a mistake. I'm a forum host--what happened? catbyte Mar 2021 #7
This: The only Locked thread on p. 1 of Lounge at the moment. UTUSN Mar 2021 #10
THAT IS AWFUL. That post is perfectly acceptable Trueblue1968 Mar 2021 #12
Hope to hear the end of your story, even if it was just the wind setting him off ... Donkees Mar 2021 #37
Unbelievable. sheshe2 Mar 2021 #38
.... George II Mar 2021 #45
Yea. Something wrong about that. That's what the lounge is for. Lochloosa Mar 2021 #25
I know you are not supposed to post the word "folks" anywhere here. Tikki Mar 2021 #9
What? ZenDem Mar 2021 #11
click on the alert for the locked post and complain Kali Mar 2021 #13
You can also still Rec the OP. sheshe2 Mar 2021 #15
oh yeah! Kali Mar 2021 #16
BWAHAHAHA!!! ZenDem Mar 2021 #17
MLOA Kali Mar 2021 #19
Cornflake chicken will rise again! Ptah Mar 2021 #21
we'll serve it in the host forum! Kali Mar 2021 #22
I'll bring... ZenDem Mar 2021 #23
oh that is a great idea! Kali Mar 2021 #26
I'm not sure how it works, either ZenDem Mar 2021 #27
LOL! Kali Mar 2021 #29
You funny! :) sheshe2 Mar 2021 #18
I did too! femmedem Mar 2021 #31
Done. demmiblue Mar 2021 #33
what??? I can't post pics of my new puppy??? markie Mar 2021 #14
Aww... look at that sweetie! demmiblue Mar 2021 #20
That look... ZenDem Mar 2021 #24
Awww! I needed that pic today. It's a reminder of the sweeter things in life Budi Mar 2021 #36
Awwww! What an adorable pup! Rhiannon12866 Mar 2021 #41
Perhaps he's hearing coyotes or foxes? imaginary girl Mar 2021 #28
That's my wild guess too, not knowing anything about that particular situation but having Mike 03 Mar 2021 #30
That'll reduce the lounge to late night ramblings Harker Mar 2021 #32
Finally, a genuine example of 'cancel culture'! petronius Mar 2021 #34
WHAT Did the Lounge get Hacked?? Budi Mar 2021 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author George II Mar 2021 #44
?? Then it gets what, "personal"?? Budi Mar 2021 #48
You are allowed to post threads about your pets in the Lounge EarlG Mar 2021 #39
Thank you! demmiblue Mar 2021 #42
When was this new policy adopted? LetMyPeopleVote Mar 2021 #40
It wasn't. There was a mistake. Ocelot II Mar 2021 #43
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