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Mike 03

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9. Some of Lars Von Trier's work
Wed Mar 17, 2021, 12:49 PM
Mar 2021
Antichrist, Nymphomaniac and The House that Jack Built. Von Trier has proven he knows better when he made a masterpiece called Melancholia. When Antichrist was released, it was genuinely explicit and shocking for its time, and to be fair there was at least a semblance of a point. But his work has really become an assault on the viewer--it is like he is saying, "If you like my work, I really despise you, just wait and see what I'm going to make you sit through this time..." The anger comes from his in-your-face "I'm going to make you watch this actress castrate this actor in spite of the fact my film has already made its point. I'm never going to make a beautiful film like Melancholia again. That was an aberration; I'm back to depravity."

It's not that his work isn't meaningful. It's also that what he thinks is shocking in 2018 is really old hat, because I guess he missed the horror porn of the last 15 years, with remakes of The Hills Have Eyes, I Spit on Your Grave and Last House on the Left (not to mention the Hostel series). And right in his own European backyard we had the "New French Extremity" with films like Martyrs, Frontieres, Inside and High Tension.

So he's behind the times in terms of what is "shocking" and most of what he argues in his films has been better-argued by other filmmakers.

I respectfully admit that Mulholland Drive is on my list of best films ever, and probably my favorite since probably Scorsese's Casino (which is not to say there haven't been great, great movies since Mulholland Drive). It's not that difficult to understand compared to something like Inland Empire. David Lynch's "difficult" films are almost always about the inner turmoil and extreme pathology that is produced in a person who attempts to conceal the truth about something momentous from himself or herself: Twin Peaks, Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive and (as far as I can discern) Inland Empire are all about this one theme. Blue Velvet is almost like the stepping stone to Lynch arriving at that as a theme he wished to explore for the next 20 years.

One of the greatest things Roger Ebert ever did was have that huge open discussion of Mulholland Drive. I think he even taught a college-level course on that film. I participated and he published my interpretation--but I bring this up not because of that: the important part is that almost everybody, no matter how much they said they didn't understand the movie--pretty much did get it. The answers were pretty much the same ballpark.

Twenty years later, I wonder if modern audiences would still be so confused over the meaning of Mulholland Drive. I see real signs of progress, for example when listening to Millennials interpret something like Black Swan and arrive fairly quickly at a conclusion like "You know, I think the two ballerinas are actually the same girl." I don't think they'd struggle that much with Mulholland Drive.
Movies that made you angry [View all] Goodheart Mar 2021 OP
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Because of the historical events, or how the movie was made? Paladin Mar 2021 #11
Both shenmue Mar 2021 #50
The Prestige: What about all the hats? Bowie was great, again. rickyhall Mar 2021 #7
*SPOILER ALERT*. Amazing, wasn't it, .... Goodheart Mar 2021 #8
That's dedication. n/t Harker Mar 2021 #13
Some of Lars Von Trier's work Mike 03 Mar 2021 #9
Directy to your point... Zoonart Mar 2021 #16
"Real signs of progress"? You mean more people pretending to "get it"? Goodheart Mar 2021 #18
I've watched MD dozens of times XanaDUer2 Mar 2021 #26
Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Bleacher Creature Mar 2021 #10
Yes. That movie could have benefitted with a cameo from Jar-Jar Binks. JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2021 #38
"The Limits of Control." Harker Mar 2021 #12
"Sideways" Varaddem Mar 2021 #14
Last Tango in Paris Zoonart Mar 2021 #15
The only movie I walked out on was "40 Carats"--I was horrified that a great actress like Liv Ullman tblue37 Mar 2021 #23
The Bone Collector forgotmylogin Mar 2021 #17
I hated that movie nt XanaDUer2 Mar 2021 #25
I agree. That ticked me off. yardwork Mar 2021 #31
Falling Down Leith Mar 2021 #19
Well, at least it had a plausible story. :) Goodheart Mar 2021 #21
A popular film--*The Sting* (Spoiler Alert!) First Speaker Mar 2021 #22
Saw 2 XanaDUer2 Mar 2021 #24
"Blair Witch Project" overhyped and underdone rurallib Mar 2021 #27
Oh, I forgot that one. It made me so angry because of that handheld camera Goodheart Mar 2021 #28
me too rurallib Mar 2021 #29
I liked those movies, especially Mulholland Drive. yardwork Mar 2021 #30
Fargo, Schindler's List, Lawrence of Arabia, It Happened One Night, Sunset Boulevard, Goodheart Mar 2021 #32
I like a lot of those movies. yardwork Mar 2021 #33
Translation: You hate movies. FSogol Mar 2021 #43
Strange takeaway from that, but whatever. Goodheart Mar 2021 #44
A.I. gratuitous Mar 2021 #34
I passed on that one... happy now that I did. :) Goodheart Mar 2021 #35
Lucky gratuitous Mar 2021 #36
I never saw his being 8 years old forever as problematic. skypilot Mar 2021 #47
I just remember being depressed after watching AI. nt Tommy Carcetti Mar 2021 #49
Here's my two: Totally Tunsie Mar 2021 #37
Good picks. I mean... bad picks. Harker Mar 2021 #46
Battlefield Earth milestogo Mar 2021 #39
The Men Who Stare at Goats JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2021 #40
Prometheus Ron Obvious Mar 2021 #42
Cruel Intentions Tommy Carcetti Mar 2021 #48
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