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In reply to the discussion: Do you have cold feet? [View all]
Do you have cold feet? [View all] milestogo Jan 2022 OP
Only at night and I've worn socks to bed forever. LakeArenal Jan 2022 #1
I believe that there are warmers one can put in one's so cks, for starters. niyad Jan 2022 #2
Get your iron levels MFM008 Jan 2022 #3
I just googled "solutions for cold feet". . An extensive list of products, including rechargeable niyad Jan 2022 #4
I have battery operated socks, but I meant to use those for outdoor winter sports milestogo Jan 2022 #8
I have rechargeable slippers. zanana1 Jan 2022 #44
Thermal socks all through the cold months. One of those oil filled radiator style space heaters brewens Jan 2022 #5
As I've aged, they've turned into frickin' ice cubes! 50 Shades Of Blue Jan 2022 #6
I just bought something on Amazon that's like a sleeping bag for your feet. milestogo Jan 2022 #7
I sleep with a heating pad at my feet in the winter. CrispyQ Jan 2022 #9
We have a rice bag cilla4progress Jan 2022 #10
"rice boy" milestogo Jan 2022 #11
It earned that name because we learned of it from cilla4progress Jan 2022 #22
You can make one with an old sock. zanana1 Jan 2022 #45
Wool socks--even in the summer time. They are the most breathable fabric possible, but hlthe2b Jan 2022 #12
Yes, I have multigraincracker Jan 2022 #13
In the winter, I now wrap an multigraincracker Jan 2022 #15
At night only. PoindexterOglethorpe Jan 2022 #14
Wool socks and an electric throw blanket. Emile Jan 2022 #16
I carry my electric throw blanket with me from sofa to bed to sofa to bed.... IcyPeas Jan 2022 #18
We set our thermostat down to save on propane and snuggle Emile Jan 2022 #23
well, i need socks after dark, but about 1990 i started major barefooting in warmer weather to 32f. pansypoo53219 Jan 2022 #17
Yeah grew up barefoot too I_UndergroundPanther Jan 2022 #19
I don't understand. Are you saying you go barefoot outside in 10 degrees Farenheit and in snow? Scrivener7 Jan 2022 #20
if its dry, i will be barefoot to 15f. i can do snow, fluffy better. but i am looking forward to feb pansypoo53219 Jan 2022 #39
Is there a health benefit or do you just like the feeling? Scrivener7 Jan 2022 #40
prevent neuropathy i hope. pansypoo53219 Jan 2022 #42
Ahhh! That's kind of brilliant. Scrivener7 Jan 2022 #43
you wound't belive my sensitivity + blood flow. i was walking thru snow*8 in and i could feel it pansypoo53219 Jan 2022 #50
Loll...not literally. Anon-C Jan 2022 #21
Shearling slippers Donkees Jan 2022 #24
Those look warm and comfortable. milestogo Jan 2022 #25
Yes they do get cold on occasion, but mostly they run hot. Fla Dem Jan 2022 #26
That's something. Harker Jan 2022 #27
Hmm, wondered if anyone would catch that. Fla Dem Jan 2022 #28
Sock it to me! Harker Jan 2022 #29
If you were a heel I would, but you seam like a nice person. Fla Dem Jan 2022 #30
That's quite a pair... Harker Jan 2022 #31
Don't play footsie with me. milestogo Jan 2022 #32
I'd get stepped on, and you'd be the sole survivor. Harker Jan 2022 #33
Who would be footing the bill for that? milestogo Jan 2022 #34
My podiatrist. Harker Jan 2022 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author milestogo Jan 2022 #36
Did she give you plantar fascitis? milestogo Jan 2022 #37
She tried, but I was vaccinated. Harker Jan 2022 #38
Well no, but I can't date anyone who wears socks to bed Polybius Jan 2022 #41
i have reynauds, so, yeah. feet, hands. mopinko Jan 2022 #46
My dog sleeps against an outer door until he gets too cold, milestogo Jan 2022 #47
i used to have a pair of terriers that slept at my feet. mopinko Jan 2022 #48
He's just using me. milestogo Jan 2022 #49
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